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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / Stolen saxophone!?!

Andreas (Denmark
User ID: 9356783
May 30th 3:02 AM
I've bought a King custom made by Marigaux Sml.
It appears that it was once stolen, but that is now many years ago. when i bought the erased serial number was covered by an old gold plate (been there for years), I removed it and discovered that there were'nt any serial number. But still I would like to know how old it is, there is no high F#, not RTH, but is is so god damn beautiful and sound like a dream.
Yours truly.
User ID: 7078783
May 30th 10:33 AM
Good to hear that some danes like the sml too.
I have had a sml soprano for a couple of years that plats great, and I just got a hold of a king marigaux alto, nice.