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User ID: 1613614
May 14th 11:01 AM
can't find any info on a .. what says.. strasser made by s.m.l. paris france on a clarinet, all wood 5 piece . I'm a guitar player who knows nothing of wood winds until yesterday i thought i had a flute !! I love antiques and that is why i bought this clarinet , it looked to very old. It is all wood with all numbers matching on every piece, the numbers are 5691 does this tell anyone anything.. date of manufacture or anything? are these worth restoring or holding on to? seems everyone talks about their saxes but cant find any info on clarinets. It took a few days just to find out who s.m.l. were, so atleast i know that much but would like to know more . If anyone has any info please e-mail me at or i will return to this site also to check from time to time. thanks very much for your time and please excuse my typing for i am a welder who happens to like antiques not a typist ! thanks Lance
User ID: 1348824
May 17th 8:21 AM
Probably from the 60s. Potentially a very good clarinet. Not much $$ value due to lack of public recognition.