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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / Revisions?

Fred Cicetti
User ID: 0373644
Apr 23rd 11:32 AM
The SML story is getting bigger and bigger. It's gone beyond the point where I can follow it anymore. The contributors on this message board have increased our knowledge exponentially in the last few years. It's great! But I'm a little lost.

Could someone explain to me what the different Revisions of SML horns are? I keep seeing Rev this and Rev that. I have no idea what people are talking about. Thanx.

User ID: 0164614
Apr 23rd 10:21 PM
Fred, thank (or blame) PJ at Saxpics for inventing all those Revisions - but don't forget to take some of the thanks for yourself !

PJ is a regular to this Forum (though presently on his HONEYMOON ! CONGRATULATIONS PJ !). He recently apologised in this SML section under "Website Down", so it may be a while before you can refer to his Model listings. God bless
saxpics Apr 28th 4:45 PM
Thanks, folks.

Fred, you only have yourself to blame :)

My website is now back up (yay!!) and I am going to start reworking the SML pages next. I've got some REALLY nice new pics, as well as ALL of the SML stencils, except the rare Santy Runyon.

Anyhoo, take a peek:

I will be using a redirect service in the future, so I can reactivate the page on a different provider quickly, if it becomes necessary.

PH, formerly PJT (changed my last name after being married. It was too long and no one could pronounce it ...)