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Feb 6th 10:08 AM
Anyone heard of this Paris made brand - look rather similar to SML's.
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Feb 6th 2:22 PM
One of my customers owns one -- my only experience with a Pierret was on his alto. It wasn't a bad horn -- pretty good sound. I'd compare it to a post-war Conn; good sound, pretty good intonation, poor/awkward keywork. Not really so similar to SML, in performance or keywork feel/design. This is from memory, of a quick playtest (after putting a light down the horn and tightening it up a bit).
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Feb 6th 5:47 PM
Keywork is definitely dissimilar, as well as the bell-to-body brace, etc.

And I know they were a seperate company. They were founded in 1906 (see This is a list of a bunch of companies that produced saxophones and when they were founded -- more-or-less).

According to some other posts, the Pierret company closed in the 60's. IMHO, it was much earlier, based on the horns I've seen. I'd say 1940's.

Universel, Beauginer, etc., etc. are some of the dozens of small French manufacturers that were producing saxophones around the time that SML started producing saxophones. Almost all went bankrupt when Selmer started producing their Balanced action horns (and later).

It has been documented that there are some features that seem similar between the French horns, but Dolnet, Couesnon, Beauginer, Universel, Guatrot, Pierret, etc. were seperate companies and did not stencil horns for each other, although it is possible that they shared the same workmen (from time to time) and may have actually shared parts, as was the case with Kielwerth who sold bodies to other saxophone manufacturers, and according to another post on this 'site, is now using Amati to produce their EX keywork.