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saxpics Apr 15th 9:38 AM
Hey, folks!

I've got a bunch of e-mails recently informing me that a good portion of my 'site,, is down (of course, y'all will be concerned with the /sml.htm page :)

There is no estimated time to repair from NBCi and it's been almost a week. I have sent them several e-mails in complaint. I can't even FTP into my 'site.

I don't have enough of my new and improved 'site ready yet, but when I do, I'm planning on spreading it across SEVERAL webhosts, so one host going down won't take my entire 'site with it.

Until I have something for you, please keep checking my main 'site. If there's something you'd like me to help you with immediately (pics, info, etc.) please e-mail me at

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Apr 19th 6:08 PM
Seems to be a real problem this year! Lots of folks getting dumped on.
saxpics Apr 28th 4:38 PM
It's back up for now! 13 days ...
saxpics Jul 21st 10:14 AM
The Return of this Notice:

I've been working on significant updates to my 'site for the past six months now. I had just finished (but haven't posted) a new Conn mini-site and had about 75% of my new SML mini-site finished when I got an e-mail from NBCi saying, essentially, "We're going out of business on August 1. You can no longer upload files to your website. Sorry for the inconvenience."

NBCi did suggest that I go through to repost my 'site, but they only give 8mb of free space, which is about 1% of the size of my 'site.

So, my website may be going away for awhile, unless someone provides me unlimited webspace for free (or extremely cheaply).

If anyone out there has at least 1gb of webspace they can provide for free or if anyone would just like to chat, please contact me at

I'll still be around, but it might be awhile before you SEE me again ...

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Jul 24th 9:08 PM
saxpics- It's really a shame that we're all going to lose access to your fantastic and informative site. I guess at least I won't get canned for the work time I waste surfing it.

I was thinking it would make a great hard copy coffee table book- unfortunately tho', I'm not a publisher.

So I thought some more. Is there any way you could put it onto CD ROMs and sell them for a reasonable price?

Or possibly, ask for donations (of $ whatever) to buy space for your site and use discs as incentives to contributors?

I'm not much of an entrepreneur either.

Just thinking....
saxpics Jul 28th 10:31 AM
Thanks much, edo. I appreciate the compliment.

I seriously considered the "coffee-table" book idea: there is a dearth of saxophone books that have even halfway accurate information and there was a lot of noise made about Paul Lindemeyer's "Celebrating the Saxophone" (it was popular enough to come out in a softcover edition after the hardcover!) and I thought I could do a fairly decent job of focusing on the horn itself, not the players (as Paul did).

Unfortunately, to do what I considered to be a good enough job, I'd have to spend two to five years of research -- probably taking time off of my real ("paying") job. Plus, I'd need to get all the legal stuff done for the photos (right now, merely an e-mail from certian folks seems OK and I take down what other folks complain about). It was a bit much for one guy to do.

I also have tried to sell my 'site. I got only two serious offers and neither amouted to anything. I was very encouraged, however, at the extremely high profile of one of the offerers, though ....

In any event, I have tenatively decided to post on (which may change to There is currently a "skeleton" of my 'site there: only a few pages and no pics. They were the cheapest host I could find and even their free side only has ONE pop-up.

I still wouldn't mind selling my 'site and all my current data. I would probably just keep one portion of it or do something moderately different in that case. I now have approximately 650mb of files for approximately 10,000 pictures (this includes the 3,000 I haven't posted, yet).

If you ARE serious about defraying my costs, buying my 'site OR paying me $40K a year for a couple years to just do research and then publish, gimmee a yell at

I will post my new 'site address here, on the vintage sax thread and possibly do a mailing to all of the folks that have corresponded to me in the past bit. Kepp looking for it.

Thanks again and see y'all soon!