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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / 9XXX tenor

User ID: 0624334
Mar 31st 5:35 PM
I was wondering if amnyone could tell me much about this model/age on this sax.It has rolled tone holes(which someone has levelled with tone hole files!!) it also really plays strongly,needs a repad.Is this a desirable model?Does this one have a name? How much is it worth.Thanks.
User ID: 1042384
Apr 2nd 3:51 AM
I just got an alto in the same sn range: it should be a Revision C. Mine has the keyguards and keys in nickel plate on a lacquered body. have a look on the "Vintage sax Gallery" (do a search on the web,sorry I cannot find the URL right now), it tells you a lot about SML.
Paul C.
User ID: 8708523
Apr 2nd 7:51 AM
This will take you straight to the SML page of Vintage Saxophone Gallery:

Also, there is a link accessable from the main page of Sax On The Web for Fred Cicetti's excellent research on SML. I think there is a link back to it from Vintage Saxophone Gallery, too.
User ID: 0164614
May 11th 2:29 AM
Dirk; being s/n 9k, yours could also be 'Rev. D', depending on whether the name 'Lemaire' is also included with Strasser & Marigaux (disappearing after his death, somewhere around the s/n 97xx mark). Worth ? The longer you hang on to it, the more valuable ! God bless
User ID: 9788223
May 15th 2:28 PM
I am looking for an SML tenor if anyone has one for sale for a reasonable price mail me at
User ID: 0164614
May 15th 9:44 PM
Rob, or anyone:- the first offer of US$1500 gets my s/n 14k, good lacquer, RTH, good playing condition (could use adjustments to personal preference) SML Tenor. Bootman has it at the moment. You can mention this Post to him, or email me at (reluctant sale, so if I don't get the offer, I win, keeping it !)
User ID: 1676554
Jul 4th 6:15 PM
I have only now just bought and paid for this tenor sax.It will arrive in the mail soon.I will repad it and would like to know what kind of pads came with these horns.Metal resonators?Plastic?Does it matter? Thin pads? Anyone with any ideas please write,I am feeling pretty hopefull that this one will be a good player.Thanks.
User ID: 0784604
Jul 4th 11:41 PM
I think this issue has been talked all out on these boards, so browse a bit. IIRC the conclusions were
(a) Original equipment was flat metal,
(b) Many of us prefer domed plastic anyway

Somebody recommended B47 which are the regular (not thin) pads, but the best idea might be to pop a pad or two out of the horn to see what thickness THIS particular horn has, not what "other SMLs" have.
User ID: 9481773
Jul 25th 9:41 PM
Don't get the impression from the above postings that Dirk bought my s/n 14k SML Tenor - I think he was referring to his original option of the s/n 9k one. Mine is still up for grabs. God bless
User ID: 7976933
Jul 26th 5:43 PM
YES your right Brenton,sorry for any confusion.What a great make of saxophone!The SML!!
User ID: 0178794
Aug 21st 11:05 PM
To all; my s/n 14k SML Tenor is now on eBay - # 1458263780 - hope to have pics up soon that Bootman took; or I'm sure he won't mind sending them to his Forum buddies here. For your secret information, reserve is set at US$1500. God bless