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User ID: 2456014
Oct 20th 9:00 AM
Hi all
I'm selling some horns off my little vintage-collection. Check the list at:

User ID: 8966303
Oct 22nd 12:24 PM
I'll try to insert a link for pictures next week, and hopefully be successful. I'm new with this html-stuff.
Thanks for looking. Rick
User ID: 0952054
Oct 25th 5:36 PM
For those of you who might be interested, I've inserted the addresses on my site mentioned above, where you can view pictures of some great horns.
1 Selmer Mk VI soprano, lacquer
1 SML Gold Medal alto, silver plated
1 Selmer SA 80 II tenor, lacquer

New SML's with their pictures will be added now and again, when overhauled and ready to sell, so keep checking.

I know it is a very amateurish solution to view the pictures that way, but as I mentioned above I'll need some help to get familiar with html. Anyway, enjoy the pics.
User ID: 9941493
Nov 27th 11:33 PM
Gold Plated 11k (1950s) SML Alto for sale --
ebay # 512449033 --
the ad includes mp3 files of the horn --
accompanied by SML baritone and tenor

User ID: 0665994
Dec 9th 7:47 PM
I have a silverplated SML tenor sax for sale. It's in excellent condition, except for the finish. The silver has worn off on some keys, the back of the bell and some other areas. Otherwise it is in excellent condition, no damage, and it has been completely overhauled about a year ago. I bought this sax several years ago, when I was looking for an instrument with good intonation (and sound, of course) that I could play with a double embouchure, due to some tooth problems. After having played a friend's SML I just had to have one like that! However, since then I have switched to soprano and hardly ever play tenor anymore. So here it is for sale. It's serial number is 21xxx, and it seems to have a different neck than other SMLs I have tried. More responsive and even better intonation I think. It is definately original, as it says SML on the neck. Asking $1000, but I am located in the Netherlands, so also consider shipping costs. E-mail me for pictures:
Stew Taylor
User ID: 9161143
Dec 10th 2:25 PM
I have two SMLs ( alto & tenor ) for sale
and two Conn naked ladies ( alto & tenor )for sale.

Stew Taylor
Jenseman Dec 18th 4:38 PM
I just put my SML Revision D Tenor on ebay. Please visit:
Im selling it, because I have another SML Tenor in my collection and because I need some money to buy a Conn Sarrusophone.
User ID: 2533044
Dec 18th 5:28 PM
Hate to say it, but ...

It's missing at least one of those "22 Features"!

- No adjustable felts for the bell keys.

Darn! Gotta update that model chart again.

Jenseman: does the horn lack engraving (other than the logo) or has it been worn so much you can't see it in the picture? That might answer a question on another thread here ...
User ID: 9941493
Dec 18th 7:33 PM
Not so fast on updating the model chart. I have a 13k tenor which DOES have adjustable bell keys. Maybe the only did that feature on sunny days.
Jenseman Dec 19th 1:23 AM
Hi Saxpics,

the sax never had any engraving. I have another SML, which is 22.xx that is also unengraved. Many french players preferred silverplated horns without engraving.
User ID: 0213374
Dec 22nd 11:17 AM
Thanks, Jenseman.

I've got pics of that beautiful late silver SML from Rick M. on my 'site and it always gave me a bit of pause because it doesn't have any engraving, other than the SML logo.

It also answers some questions about the "Chinese" SML that was on eBay a while back.

User ID: 8214233
Jan 4th 6:12 AM
For sale: Alto SML STRASSER-MARIGAUX. Gold Medal. Ser# 21xxx. Original silver plate 98% (little wear around thumb-hook and some keys), incl. original case and mpce. Totally overhauled, no dings or dents, ready to play. Straight tone holes, beautiful engraving. This sax is in perfect playing condition.
Pictures at:

My e-mail address:
User ID: 0220464
Jan 4th 12:59 PM
I thought you sold that one, Rick!

Really good price for that horn, folks ...
User ID: 0220464
Jan 5th 12:53 PM
Oooh. Read this and try not to weep too loudly: an SML bari that sold for SLIGHTLY over $1000 US.

User ID: 0784604
Jan 5th 3:40 PM
A lot of saxes are sold on eBay for low prices when the seller stipulates he will ship "to Germany only".

What would a plane ticket have cost to pick that one up? hhmmmmm
User ID: 1181464
Jan 8th 1:53 PM
... or have a German friend buy it and then ship it my way :)

I think I could talk a music shop or two into picking up the horn and then shipping it, for a fee.

The Internet is a truly wonderful thing: I now have contacts on most every continent!
El Hombre
User ID: 6883933
Jan 10th 3:39 PM
I got a nice King Mariguax bari, low Bb, VG condition, thinking about selling it. (Need a low A for gigging reasons).
I cant take what the german took for his, I need a few hundred bucks more.

Any SML freaks out there interested?
User ID: 8729803
Jan 12th 3:06 PM
SML Strasser-Marigaux-LeMaire alto for sale. Serial # 75xx, transitional model.
Silver-plated, rolled tone holes. Plate on body 100%, some wear on several keys and rods. Nice ornamental engravings on bell and bowclamps. Neck with SML insigna on a plate.
The sax is not in playable condition now. It needs a complete repad, some corks are missing, some springs need to be replaced. It also needs badly an oil- and greasejob.
The thumb-hook is slightly pushed in, the G# pinky table has been resoldered to the lever, on that spot the plate is off. The clothes-guards on the bow are bent, and there are two minor dings on the player side of the bell. Some movement on the long rods and the palm keys.
No part is missing. With a good overhaul this horn with this excellent serial # will become a great one. It comes with a hard zipper-formcase and a selmer 80 D mouthpiece.
Asking $450 as is.

(I only cleaned it a bit for the photosession). Pictures will be available next week.
Feel free to ask questions:
User ID: 9962683
Jan 13th 10:33 AM
I've just seen that the left-thumb rest has been glued and not soldered to the body. As this needs to be done I give the horn for $430.
User ID: 9725373
Jan 14th 9:08 AM
Folks, if Rick's horn comes out of its overhaul playing anything like my 7k silver alto, it's a great deal!
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