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User ID: 0651814
Mar 28th 7:37 PM
I have always thought that SML made the only horns with this feature. I am puzzled about a Boosey & Hawkes "Edgware" alto sax I recently acquired which has rolled tone holes and an optional articulated G#, just like every SML and King-Marigaux I've had the pleasure of owning. To make it more complicated, I was told that this horn was made by Keilworth, which is reasonable due to the rolled tone holes especially since it says, "Made in Germany" near the neck socket. It does not identify Keilworth as the maker though.

Does anyone know anything about this? If you do, please contact me directly at


John T.
User ID: 8277173
Mar 29th 3:02 PM
Articulated G#, famous on the SML's and now found on a German made Horn with rolled tone holes...

Hmmm, does the possiblity of SML saxes being stenciled by someone else reopen a can of worms?
User ID: 9753653
May 7th 6:39 PM
Some of the Beugnier French Vito's had the switch for articulation/de-articualtion on the left pinky cluster.
User ID: 2964484
May 8th 10:14 AM
what is the purpose of the articulated G#
User ID: 0784604
May 8th 12:15 PM
If I understand correctly, "articulated" G# is the mechanism that closes the G# when you play any note lower than G. In this regard SMLs are like all other saxes.

"Automatic" G# is when a pinky finger on the low C#, B, or Bflat automatically opens the G# pad. This can be convenient in making a jump from low to high note. The drawback is it makes the C#/B/Bb keys harder to move. Automatic G# is built into most modern saxes (modern = after Roosevelt became president). A very few French models allow you to turn the automatic G# on or off by moving a lever.
Paul C.
User ID: 9544623
May 9th 8:13 PM
Steve are you maybe referring to the little "switch" on the back of the G# key, which allows interconnection or disconnection with the low B and C# keys? Yes, Morgan, this is the feature on many SML's.
User ID: 0784604
Jun 5th 3:59 PM
The "Martin Freres Paris" alto sax has the optional automatic G# feature. I guess all those European horn designers went to the same bar at night and talked about horn design over a bottle of wine.