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Mar 26th 2:06 AM
I was wondering what model SML Sam Rivers plays and what kind of setup he uses?Does anyone know him? I would love to know.He has a really hard sounding tenor and also beautifull like his ballad,Beatrice.Does anyone know if he teaches?Thanks.
User ID: 1042384
Mar 26th 6:03 AM
Well, you learn something new every day: I didn't know Rivers played an SML, I thought he was still with the Mk6. I read an article on him a few months ago, where he spoke about moving to Florida and really enjoying working out there. I cannot remember if the article was on DownBeat or Sax Journ., I'll try dig it out if you're interested.
User ID: 0784604
Mar 26th 10:11 AM
I heard Sam sold his SML and after pinging thru a few different hands it ended up with [name omitted] who let me try it. It was a horn to die for.
User ID: 9579203
Mar 26th 4:13 PM
I only knew it was a SML when I saw the cover of his fist album on blue note,fuchsia swing song,his tone is hard and happening.It must have been a great thrill to blow that tenor.Did he replace it with something else?
Bill Mar 27th 10:49 AM
Someone was offering an SML tenor that was previously owned by Sam Rivers on the web about 2 years ago. I believe the seller was in NYC and occaisionally visited these web pages (and the price might have been under $1400).
tx saxkat
User ID: 1174374
Dec 20th 11:53 PM
As far as I know, about a year ago sam was playing on a keilwerth sx 90 r black gold.
User ID: 1363014
Dec 21st 6:38 PM
I visited his website but its not current.I really want to get in touch but my emails were returned.I would love to hear him on a keilwerth.