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User ID: 0903294
Mar 25th 3:03 PM
Hello, I'm most familiar with the models had Selmer or Conn in their own history and I don't know about SML. Do you know their different models during their history and what are the top models (I heard about the GoldMedal ... is it the best ?).
User ID: 1480824
Mar 25th 3:12 PM
have a look at
it's the most extensive collection of SML photos I've ever seen on one site and it's broken down by model/approx serial no. I own a Rev.D Tenor.
User ID: 0903294
Mar 25th 4:44 PM
Thanks a lot MM, I saw the site you told me and I do agree : it's fabulous.
User ID: 9732463
Jun 19th 6:16 PM
i have a bundy i don't know the age of this sax but it is gold plated with silver keys. is this a good choice for playing contemporary jazz? oh it's an alto....