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User ID: 1480824
Mar 5th 5:48 PM
Do nickel plated keys and keyguards mean it's a student SML ? Was this an option ?
Thanks for any advice.
User ID: 1084044
Mar 5th 6:06 PM
The nickel keys are on the "Two Tone" model which is actually a step up from the normal SML. It was an option in the sense that it's a different sub-model. See some of the galleries mentioned throught this SML board for pics of the various sub-models.

User ID: 1042384
Mar 6th 7:48 AM
I have heard of "silver" plate on two-tones, but not Nickel plate, hence my question. A cheaper version (maybe Standard?)?
What's the verdict ?

Steve Goodson
User ID: 9621663
Mar 6th 7:53 AM
For what it's worth, I have a client who has an all nickel plated alto.
User ID: 1084044
Mar 6th 10:34 AM
The only Two Tones I have seen are nickel plate keys, and yes, the remind me of my first ever tenor (a student Yamaha 23). But the Two Tone has the same wonderful body and keywork as all SMLs. There is a Two Tone Bari on eBay right now. See which looks like nickel keys, too.

User ID: 1480824
Mar 6th 4:45 PM
thanks for the bari tip: that bari has seen some action! You're right it does look like nickel plate. I guess I need to get more info.
User ID: 0784604
Mar 6th 8:59 PM
So, what good is a bari with no neck?
User ID: 9084913
Mar 6th 9:39 PM
necks are easy to find or make on a bari as long as they dont need an octave key on them.
User ID: 0812164
Mar 17th 6:01 PM
I just recieved an all-nickel alto from Australia which was sold to me as silver! I dont think the seller knew the difference. Its a terrific horn, in fact the most powerful alto I have ever played. Im slightly disappointed that its not silver but nickel will probably last longer than I will! Killer horn!
User ID: 0784604
Mar 18th 9:01 PM
Hey Kaz bring that thing over to my house and we'll do a side by side metallurgy exam -- I can show you a burnished silver (SML) and a burnished nickel (Conn) for contrast.

Anyway you've gotta see my newly organized office/instrument Room/repair bench. I'm very pleased with it.
User ID: 1042384
Mar 26th 6:08 AM
Hey I just got an alto from Australia (my tenor alsos came from there)and it's got nickel keys: what is it with Australia and SMLs ? Sounds like it was quite a popular make over there!
User ID: 9788223
May 8th 1:10 PM
I got myself an all nickel plated SML Bari from a
collectors fair where they sold a lot of furniture and ceramics. paid the huge amount of UDS 500 for it. It really sounds great.

Have there been made a lot of SML bari's?
Is nickel plate rare on these horns?

Over here in the netherlands SML's have been used a lot by marching bands and are generally underestimated ( i hope it stays this way so i can afford to get myself an alto ).
User ID: 0164614
May 8th 9:39 PM
I have recently seen a 'Standard' SML Alto s/n 766x (rat trap guards) that looks for all the world as lacquer with CHROME keys rather than Nickel; that's what the experts in the shop thought too. (Yes, again in Australia - asking price ~ US$650)... Plays REAL well too !
Paul C.
User ID: 9544623
May 8th 10:07 PM
MY SML alto came from Australia, too! My Rev D alto is burnished silver.
User ID: 2421434
May 9th 7:55 PM
I think I sold some of these SML, if anybody is looking for another one just tell and I will looking for that.
Paul C.
User ID: 9544623
May 9th 8:11 PM
Yes, Antonio, in Australis, was the former owner of my SML alto... he sold it to Sarge at World Wide Sax, who did a beautiful cleanup and repad, who in turn sold it to me.