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bill kasper
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Jan 24th 9:36 PM
well, we're buying a house, or trying to, in the most expensive market relative to per capita income in the country...santa cruz, ca.

so help me out. everyone says it's original lacquer (3 different techs), and i think it is too, but it's a bit swirly. certainly an excellent relacquer if it is a relaq. new pad job (prestini hard felt brass foil pads and nylon resos). plays very, very well, lush as hell and satiny, an absolutely beautiful sound. it's in ok adjustment, but needs the services of someone like palo tung (sorry i never sent it, palo, but it was all too much, to quote a phrase) to really make the keywork sharp.

what do you all think? i can send pictures to anyone interested. i would like something over $1300 plus shipping etc., but would also like to see what people think something like this is worth. and if it doesn't sell here, it's going on ebay.

all the best,
bill kasper
(who has been busy, out of town, and busy as hell trying to get a house bought...but still reads and thinks about this place every day!).

ps. i sold my lady (my goldplated conn alto with the pearls on every key...), so you know i am serious. i thought i would die with that horn, but it's more important to get my son a yard so he has room to run...

pps. i am keeping my silver king zephyr alto and my buescher B tenor, to keep on the saxophonic path.
bill kasper
User ID: 1334734
Jan 24th 9:38 PM
argh. tenor.
bill kasper
User ID: 9092003
Jan 25th 4:31 PM
ok, you can see it here:

the pictures are sort of large, so be patient.

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Jun 4th 12:37 PM
I have a SML Clarinet from the forties, do you know where I can find the value of it?
Jack W.
User ID: 1898874
Jun 7th 10:25 PM
There is a thread on SML clarinets lower down in this topic. I have a similar clarinet that is supposedly a student horn but plays very well indeed.
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Aug 16th 7:11 PM
An update on the Woodwind/SML Tenor (Rev-D Stencil) - sent the sax to Sarge (Steve S) at Worldwidesax for a complete respringing and setup.

The Prestini's that Bill had arranged to be installed a bit softer-toned than what I've been putting in horns, but after Sarge's work at Worldwidesax this is a real keeper - tight and accurate! I understand that Steve Goodson from Sax Gourmet unselfishly consulted on best sources for springs that would meet my specs!

With the ex-Coats SML Rev-D Alto, this Rev-D Tenor and my SML Gold Medal Bari I'm for once well equiped - actually better equiped than I can play!!


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Oct 21st 12:16 PM
I'm thinking of selling my SML "Coleman Hawkins Special" What a horn! Beautifully even intonation all the way up and down. And it's in excellent condition. Sorry, Selmer, but this baby makes a MK VI sound sick. Anybody interested?
User ID: 0784604
Oct 21st 3:38 PM
Geez! What horn are you keeping ?