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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / King Marigaux Soprano?

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Feb 28th 3:38 PM
Hey group,

What's the consensus on the King stencil soprano? I have an opportunity to pick one up at a good price but have not been able to find much about them. And what is a ballpark value? It's in orig. lacquer finish, good but used shape, good pads. Pardon the subjective questions but it would be quite a drive to go get it, so I'm doing my research.

PS - If it's anything like my SML 12k alto then I'll love it.


saxaholic11@ Mar 1st 10:44 AM
i play a mk6 mostly but have a king marigeaux and i do like the sound. the key pearls are a little smallish compared to the 6 feels a little harder to hold on to but it is a nice sounding horn.
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Mar 1st 3:15 PM
I played one KingMari soprano I didn't like at all, and one that was terrific.
Paul C.
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Mar 3rd 1:23 PM
Cannonball Adderley played the SML soprano (same as King Marigaux) on his Accent on Africa album. If it is good enough for the greatest alto saxophonist throughout the entire time-space continuum and beyond, it should be good enough for a mere mortal.

Prices are generally low for SML's as compared to Selmer and some others. I do not know a value for a soprano.
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Mar 4th 11:27 PM
I see now that there's a Marigaux soprano on eBay (item 1413971269) so I guess the market will tell me what a good price for the one I'm looking at would be.

Thanks for the initial input. I will go play it this week.

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Mar 19th 8:13 PM
Jeez Paul, since when was Charlie Parkers name changed to Cannonball Adderley and since when did he play soprano on any recording, because you said it was the greatest alto player ever! LOL
JK, even though parker is better,
Mike W.
User ID: 0875014
Apr 1st 10:26 PM
Yikes! The aforementioned King Marigaux soprano on eBay went for $1,053. Seems a little high to me, but that's me. I like my King Marigaux alto quite some, but it's a very different horn than either of my Super 20s. Much more of a "legit" sound, to me, but what one expects of an SML. As for Cannonball (the living hero of my teen years, along with my other still-living hero, Phil Woods), he was a perennial King endorser and played Super 20s, but since King made no Super 20 altos, the King Marigaux was the soprano he played. I remember seeing the ads in Down Beat, etc. Of course, much like Bird himself, I think Cannon could have played on any old horn and it would have sounded just peachy.
Mike W.
User ID: 7419793
Apr 2nd 7:49 AM
Boy, must've been tired when I wrote that one. I meant to say that King made no Super 20 SOPRANOS, not altos! Major error, sorry.
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May 26th 2:31 PM

Dean - if you're out there :

Did you ever get that King Marigaux soprano ?
Paul C.
User ID: 1467524
May 26th 8:25 PM
Ryan, Bird is not even in Cannonball's ballpark. Compared to Cannonball, Bird has no soul. Them's fightin' words, I know... but I am firm on this.

LOL!!! (Come on, give me some slack here... my opinion... Hah!)

Mike, you are right, he could have played anything and sounded just as good. On the album I mentioned, he played two different altos, and two different sopranos for best effect on particular tunes.
User ID: 0784604
May 27th 12:27 AM
<< Compared to Cannonball, Bird has no soul. Them's fightin' words>>

No -- nobody bothers to fight with something that pathetic.

And I LIKE Cannonball. A lot.

I like Paul C. too; just think he's a little loopy on this one.

I have my own list of "known great players I don't like even a little bit" which I have so far successfully kept under wraps for fear of starting a pointless brawl.
Paul C.
User ID: 1467524
May 27th 3:43 PM
I did not say Bird was not great, he was, but to me he was just second best to Cannonball.

Now, I KNOW this will generate hate mail!!!

Back to the subject... you can clearly hear a difference in tone between the SML and the Mk VI on the Cannonball album mentioned above. This should not be construed to say one is better, just that they each have their own sound. Fred Cicetti and I have exhanged a few emails about his Conn 6M and SML, the differences in tone. Each of these two altos have their own place, as with the sopranos.
User ID: 9279843
May 27th 7:10 PM
Oh yeah!?!?!?!?! Kenny G could beat all of them!!!! (kidding, kidding) :)