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Jan 9th 8:34 PM
If you were filling out paperwork to insure your SML, assuming each sax was in A-1 condition, what value should you put down to insure your investment and ensure that you'd be able to buy a replacement if the sax was lost, damaged or stolen?





+/- factors for finishes, options, models?

Or is the Saxgourmet Listing current enough here in January 2002?

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Jan 9th 9:50 PM

During the last couple of months I was going thru the same process of insuring some non Selmer vintage horns. I had to make a claim from a carrier UPS.
I asked many insurance agents and talked to many claim agents.
General answer was that they call various music stores and check newspapers classified ads to determine market value and use that as a point reference to judge a claim/value.

Every agent I spoke with all knew about the Mark sixes and the Paris models and their potential values, any other vintage horn goes thru the above scrunity.

I called agents as well as professional insurance appraisers from west , central, east coast asking
about specific vintage models saxophones. I was socked/surprised the "high" appraisal is $1130.00 U.S. on a SML alto and lower on a SML tenor. They were unable to determine on a SML soprano. I think all these agents use some sort of a national data base to do their calculations. I found it odd that all were unable to estimate a value on a soprano.
When I said that can't be right, they all replied with a similar response. "Based" on the very little info and lack of any perticular interest/demand in these models does not warrant... blah, blah, blah

On an other note, if I were a professional using the instrument as a lively hood I could claim a value of my desire but the policy will fall into a commercial policy which would reflect sky high premiums.

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Jan 10th 2:10 PM
CS, as you know, the value you quoted is about, or less than, half of what the "real" value of a good condition SML alto. Were the agents willing to take professional, written appraisals on values for SML's/non-Selmer?

I've received inquiries about appraisals for insurance purposes, but have never heard back about the final outcomes.