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Feb 11th 12:51 PM
Five SML saxes playing blissfully together (500k)

You can buy the featured tenor if you bid on eBay #1408547487 before Monday nite (shameless plug)

Anybody else care to share your SML sounds?
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Feb 15th 12:52 PM

Beautiful...did you play all the different parts and lay each track on top of one another or did you get a bunch of players together?

I really like your sound. I hope you don't miss that sax too much!

I'd like to share my sax sound as well, but don't have any decent recording equipment. On second thought, perhaps I need some more time in the shed...:)
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Feb 15th 10:51 PM
Thanks! All five of them are me. The tenor I kept is equal or ever so slightly better, so no tears shed around here.

I used a lowly SM58 to record this. I have requested a Neumann tube mic for my birthday (ha ha fat chance)

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Feb 16th 11:23 AM
Deja has died and the mp3 file has been moved to

Despite the filename, the 13kTenor is not using a Levelair (the bari is) (Tenor is using a MCGregory)
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Feb 16th 1:06 PM
Thanks for the info.

Out of curiosity, what model MC Gregory are you playing? I've considered buying a 4A for a while to try out because my wife likes a rather airy and muted sound (not unlike Desmond...but on tenor). But the sound you got going on is pretty big and round!

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Feb 16th 11:49 PM
That's a model A with the metal band. "4A" is a tip opening, not a model. Mine was a 4A but I had Theo Wanne open it up a bit. I love this mpc -- very expressive -- has a whole lot of tone colors for different emotional states --
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Nov 18th 3:56 PM
Hi guys.
Morgans question on the initial thread was of sharing our SML-sounds. Well my personnal sounds aren't ready to be pulished in the internet yet. But listen to the BLUE BOP by Pete Thomas on this site (take the saxophone button):

He plays it with a wonderful silver SML alto.
Bob T
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Dec 19th 3:30 PM
I've tried all the sites on this thread and cannot get any of them !
Perhaps someone can help? as I am most keen to hear experts play SML tenors but so far have failed to achieve this objective.
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Dec 19th 7:50 PM
Ran out of space, had to take mine down
User ID: 0784604
Dec 19th 7:51 PM
(email me
if you want a whopping 500k file emailed to you)

The formerly 4Sale tenor is long gone of course.
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Dec 20th 3:33 PM
I've got some of the MP3 and MPEG audio clips mentioned here on my 'site,, plus a few more.

Bob T
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Dec 26th 10:57 PM
Hi Morgan, I'll have a look at the the site listed, is it a Rev C like mine (
And no "he is not sold---still sulking after no one wanted him at the Xmas special of $200US"
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Dec 27th 2:55 PM
Is WHAT a RevC?

What are you selling for 200USD?

Bob T
User ID: 0610144
Dec 28th 7:59 PM
Hi Morgan,

Sorry to make a minor error of one extra ZERO but it attracted a lot of attention!NOW HEAR THIS:-
$2000US is the correct priceI have a few pics if you email me)
Happy New Year (Through all this smoke---we are in the biggest bushfire season ever in New South Wales Australia--the poor local volunteers are exhausted an more fires are expected for the next week)
The good news is that volunteers for US are coming over to help us HOORAY ! Bob T