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User ID: 0833354
Jan 1st 7:24 PM

best I've come up with so far is:

" Sax err - Gut airmass!!! "


User ID: 9858163
Jan 1st 7:52 PM
Steve-we need to get a life!! How about:

"Margaret is sax r-us!"
User ID: 0833354
Jan 1st 8:43 PM
Good going Peg!

You kept the "-" too (I don't think you have to in Anagramming, but I thought I'd try).

BTW are you working on an Ultimate Pun?

The example was a ranch named:

Sun's Rays Meet / Son's Raise Meat

Thought it was good!

Here is another Anagaram I liked of Strasser-Marigaux:

" Surge Sax is Ram-Art "

license to Blow
User ID: 3542804
Jan 2nd 12:30 AM

Murri-great ass Sax

User ID: 0833354
Jan 2nd 12:38 AM
Hello LTB - Afraid it would look that "Murri" isn't a word and isn't in the dictionary - so only an honourable mention for yours!

Try again?

License to Blow
User ID: 3542804
Jan 2nd 1:38 AM

I looked up Marigaux
I looked up Strasser- could not find these in my dictionary. The above words do appear in the French, Arabic, and Italian dictionary as well as the word Murri
I also think in Australia a Murri is a type of superstar or Model, not sure on this though. I do know the Murri program is famous in AU

I have many other , however one of them has a word only in the British dictionary.

Apparently you have set guide lines / rules which prohibit me in posting the others until a clarification of what is a deemed an acceptable anagram.

Mr Strasser and Mr Mariguax surely must of met a Mr Murri in their life-time

License to Blow
User ID: 3542804
Jan 2nd 2:44 AM

Murri means bitter sweet , Tangy in Arabic
User ID: 0833354
Jan 2nd 6:45 AM
Hey LOB,

It is common to Anagram names, whether the name is a dictionary word or not.

You're not prohibited from anything.

It is a grasp to expect an uncommon arabic word, which would be writen in script and only approximated in roman letters, to be recongnized - but heh, knock yourself out.

At least you kept the hyphen........

BTW " License to Blow :
anagrams as:

" Close, Noble Wit !!! " <smile>
User ID: 0833354
Jan 2nd 9:45 PM

How do you choose to spell your SML's names (if I remember right you name each one) so anagrams could be prepared?

User ID: 9858163
Jan 2nd 10:48 PM

Clarabelle (tenor)
Annabelle (tenor)
Baby Clara (alto)

Go for it-it's late and I'm too sleepy!
User ID: 0833354
Jan 2nd 11:18 PM

Clarabelle (tenor)
"Able Caller"

Annabelle (tenor) (hard!)
"Been An All"

Baby Clara (alto) (also hard!)
"Car by a Lab"

"Go for it-it's late and I'm too sleepy!"

anagrams as:

"Playtime, it's Log Deforestation!"

User ID: 0833354
Jan 2nd 11:19 PM
BTW Do you want to play the newly aquired Bass Sax (#2) and my SML tenor (!!)

User ID: 9858163
Jan 3rd 4:49 PM

Sure-if you don't make me carry the bass (too old,too weak and too short and squat!)
Honey Badger
User ID: 0833354
Jan 5th 12:39 AM

Give me a call and stop by - bring your tenor mpc.

User ID: 8666863
Jan 10th 7:31 PM
Charm now correspond burned Nazi
User ID: 8666863
Jan 10th 7:42 PM
STEVEN W is our old girlie friend having you on I'm afraid

This gives me the opportunity to intoduce a marvellous local curiosity

Steven W IS our old friend

Puddn'n'Pie, same as Honeybunch Ivebinski

Here's our clever old mutha potamus managing to get the most marvellous load of old twaddle out of Puddn'n'Pie, who must have had his gob fuelled by Coke, that or drinking on an empty head. Here it comes...

MUTHA ......Have you ever been shot at by someone who wanted to kill you? Have you ever truly experienced mortal battle? Jan 2nd 9:43 PM PUDDN'N'PIE... Been there, done that. Old history. I commend combat vets - a tip of the hat - will confirm that I have been there, but am not going to go detail on where, whay and for who.Been there, done that, other responsibilities now.
MUTHA....Well it was good of you to inform me that you've been there, but were there bullets whizzing by? ...My PATRIOTIC responsibilities: Not putting up with some "leg" waving the flag making himself a nice, big, easy target to hit.
crouch ...Doncha have associations for exposing false claimants to 'having seen action with the US Army?' Haw haw haw, go on, Puddn'n'pie, show us yer "Bleedin Heart" Hey, lads, come and watch this yank Puddn'n'Pie show us his medals - he's a top ranker! oh my god Haw haw HaW haw haw, Les medale American, oui, si si si, Militaire honeure tres, tres distinguishement, mais ouis, ouis ...Pardon, non parle alleboyo, nein sprecken de Deutche .... yaya ROTFLMAO the time
PUDDN'N'PIE....I've plenty of medals. Been shot at, done a bunch of stuff - but NATO doesn't always declare before mobilizing. I don't buy it that any of you are combat vets
crouch.....Oh he's a lad that's bin and "done stuff" alright! ahhh no haw hack hack my god no Call in another "live round" for Honeybunch Ivebinski, Lads! He won't have seen many of those! oh no why d' I'm gonna ch ch aaah choke Haw Haw haw haw haw T.A. aw haw haw ohmygod oh maaaa haww leave it out haw haw etc.....
crouch ...Tell us about your years in the brown panzers, Honeybunch! I take it you were never in 'joint' manoevers with Puddn'n'pie, then? Next time you see a bunch of U.S. Army, ask if anyone's known as Puddn'n'pie, Honeybunch, <Don't ask> no secrets, <don' tell> no lies, but here it is (my inhaler) I think you both have a liking for the Village people in common....No no nononononononononononon please itshurtinglikehllHAWHAW HAW HawHaw just let me lie down

Just put Puddn'n'Pie as post content is probably best like this
User ID: 8666863
Jan 10th 7:43 PM
Honey Badger
User ID: 8722703
Jan 10th 10:14 PM

'head or 'pool?


'ford or 'bridge?

Like a ghost from past.

Ever drink in a W. Dids.?

We should take this somewhere else - where do you suggest?

Honey Badger
User ID: 8722703
Jan 11th 8:18 AM
'Crouch' anagrams as

'Hoc Cur'

'Hoc' - latin for 'this'

'Cur' - is a noun for 'a surly or cowardly fellow" (we know crouch hs too big a vocabulary for the dog definitions).

'surly' relates to 'Curmudgeonliness'



declare "Crouch" = "This Curmudgeon"

adding some level of fondness and repect translates further to:

"Our Curmudgeon"

How's about it Crouch? "Our Curmudgeon"?

Appeals to your 'through the looking glass' vantage, doesn't it?

User ID: 0784604
Jan 14th 9:59 AM
Strasser Marigaux

Argue: "Smart sax, sir"

+ Lemaire

Slim treasure: Sax, marriage
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