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User ID: 9962683
Jan 8th 5:17 AM
Hi folks. I'm quite familiar with the French language, and I've had some (fax-)contacts with Mrs. Petitpierre, first secretary of SML's CEO, Mr. Planté. If you post some questions here I'll try to contact Mrs. Petitpierre again and try to motivate her to answer the questions as good (or bad) as she can.
Maybe this could help us to get a little step on.
User ID: 1181464
Jan 8th 1:50 PM
Thanks, Rick.

How about: "What kind of saxophones do you currently sell and do you have plans of selling your own saxophones again?"

"Do you have any information on older SML saxophones and/or their stencils (Woodwind, Marigaux, Santy Runyon, etc.)?"

"Do you have a saxophone serial number list around?"

I'm sure I can think of more, too ...
Paul C.
User ID: 0087674
Jan 8th 1:56 PM
Number one question... WHERE IS THE TOOLING FOR THE GOLD MEDALs????? Is it still in existance?
User ID: 0206274
Jan 8th 5:36 PM
1. Does she know of a storeroom full of SML saxophones?
2. If so, will she give them to me?

Can't hurt to ask...
Mutha Potamus
User ID: 8248813
Jan 8th 5:42 PM
Ask her if she's seen Jimmy Hoffa in that storeroom!

Seriously, the tooling for the Gold Medals is a good one
User ID: 0262034
Jan 9th 9:19 AM
I would like to get my hands on an old sax catalog or brochure, or if they could provide artwork for the old SML logo engraved on SML saxes.

Shortly I am looking for some memorabilia for decorating the SML pages here at SOTW.
Am willng to do the scanning.

User ID: 0220464
Jan 9th 9:25 AM
"Do you have a full listing of all SML models?"
User ID: 0220464
Jan 9th 12:32 PM
"Do the stars on older SML models mean anything? They look like Star-of-David patterns."

See, for instance, the Rev. A thru Super models.
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 2588804
Jan 10th 2:51 PM
This would be a followup to Paul's question...Who was their sheet brass supplier, and what was the composition?
User ID: 8729803
Jan 12th 3:10 PM
OK folks. I'll start a fax this weekend with your questions. I'll be back here when (if) I get a reply.
Saxpics, I already asked your question concerning the stars. Answer by SML: Nous ne le savons pas!
So don't expect too much.
saxpics Jan 15th 11:46 AM
c'est la vie.
Mike R.
User ID: 2783734
Jan 15th 3:06 PM
la vie
User ID: 0262034
Jan 17th 4:13 PM
Mrs. Petitpierre confirmed to have received the fax with the list of our questions. She's promised to try to answer them, but she'll need the time to do some researchwork. Let's hope.
User ID: 9767833
Feb 5th 8:57 AM
Any answer on these questions. Must be doing some real homework. I have a cray computer SML can borrow
Paul L
User ID: 1606604
Mar 19th 7:26 AM
Just curious as to any info that has come up...anything Rick?
User ID: 9418933
Mar 25th 10:18 AM
No Paul, no sign of life yet. I'll be in Paris the week after Easter. Maybe ....
User ID: 9767833
Mar 30th 10:34 AM
Thanks for your hard work on this - its appreciated
User ID: 1230224
Mar 30th 11:00 PM
I have a King Marigaux soprano serial 259xx. The horn does not bear the SML logo. It's engraved King Marigaux Paris France. The horn does not have rolled tone holes but it looks very much like the SML soprano pictured in the gallery.The low b flat key cluster is exactly the same layout as the picture. I sold a Mark VI soprano and kept this one because it is a better sounding, better feeling, more responsive horn. I'm selling it now on ebay, but have mixed fellings about getting rid of it. I'm just not a soprano player. Could this horn be an SML and should I pull it off the Market? I hate to get rid of anything.
saxpics Mar 31st 8:40 AM
Bill, the Marigaux is an SML that was stencilled for King. It's 100% a Gold Medal "Mk. II" horn with just a different name.

User ID: 9683713
May 27th 8:57 PM
Any response yet?
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