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User ID: 1934244
Dec 13th 7:58 PM
Last month I found a King SML alto sax on the wall of an antique store in Ohio, serial number is 22K and is in near mint condition. Also came with early 70s vintage Brilhart Level Air and Berg Larsen metal mouthpieces. Tight keywork and good pads and a case in brand new shape. I walked out the door with it in exchange for $300. Sometimes we just are in the right place at the right time!

It's the nicest alto sax I've ever played!
User ID: 7705853
Dec 13th 8:56 PM
you thief! congrats i stole mine for 500
User ID: 0206274
Dec 14th 11:58 AM
There's nothing like getting the greatest horn made for a great price. My 12xxx alto cost me $200. at a flea market and after the $600. rebuild I still consider it a great deal.
Find a good hard rubber mpc for that SML and the honey will flow.
Heather C
User ID: 9753653
Dec 17th 6:54 PM
In 1984 i bought mine for $500 canadian, what would that be now, like $250 american. Of course the canadian $ did a lot better back then but in today's terms I think I win! hee hee

mine is 26xxx so late 70's early 80's i guess - it had been played probably less than 100 hrs

good catch! - i love mine too
Is yours the king marigaux?