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Rob V
User ID: 1815634
Jan 21st 4:55 PM
Just spoke to a guy who has a nikkle plated goldmedal tenor for sale.

This is was fourth nikkel pladet SML i have seen.
To this day i've seen 1 nikkel sop, 1 nikkel tenor and two nikkel bari,s.

I admit you see more SML in laquer or in silver plate but SML,s in nikkel are not as rare as i thought.

Rob V
User ID: 9007973
Jan 21st 8:30 PM
Rob, it does appear that nickle plate is a bit more common, but including your four, I've heard of seven total. That's not exactly a high average :)

(O'course, maybe the nickle horns are so beautiful that no one wants to part with 'em!)

I still have not seen or heard of a gold-plated Gold Medal horn. I'd be interested in that.