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Steve S
User ID: 8882983
Dec 5th 12:04 AM
I realise that the Standard does not have all the 22 features of fancier SMLs, but does it play and sound as nice as the pro models? I am looking at very good one for about $650. Is this a good deal?
User ID: 9725373
Dec 5th 4:49 PM
Steve S-I have both a Rev.D and a Standard tenor. Although the Rev. D is "fancier" I prefer the Standard for its intonation. Both are wonderful horns. I paid $750 for my Standard last year and had it overhauled.
User ID: 0833354
Dec 5th 5:03 PM
Hi Steve S,

Peg caught someone sleeping when they sold her the Standard. She has very very good taste in tenors - even was kind enough to let me play one of her's for a trial!

She does bring up a really good point - you are usually better off to find a solid horn and have it overhauled to your spec, or a sax with a reasonably fresh top-shelf overhaul, than one that you end up with too much money into that is indifferently set-up and padded.

If you intend to pass on the One you've found, let the list know - if it is a tenor let ME KNOW!

best regards,