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Dec 11th 5:29 PM
Not much going on here lately. What cases do folks use here for their SML Tenors? I know the big bell precludes the use of many cases.

Does anyone know if the Keilworth cases work? If so, where can you get 'em?

I'm looking for a lighter case than the wood box I currently use but not a gig bag.
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Dec 11th 9:56 PM
It fits in a regulation ProTec contour case. I also am awaiting a Winter GreenLine which I bought to accommodate a Buescher400 -- when it arrives I'll test it on the SML tenor too.
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Dec 13th 8:50 PM
Please let me know how it fits inthe Winter case when you get it. environmental of you!

BTW Morgan, have you got yourself another Bari since you sold your SML? This guy in NY was selling his King Marigaux bari for 1600 but didn't want all the hassle of shipping it so he sold it locally. I was bummed!
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Dec 13th 9:03 PM
I have a Big B Bari. I'll probably never sell it because it's so dinged up and crumpled and pounded on that nobody would want it! The whole bell section (from the bow on up) is kind of caved in on the engraving side, and has a bumply texture like one of those hand-made cymbals.

Oh. Yeah. It plays verrry nicely.

The guy who has been overhauling that 400 (with Greenline) since last spring promised to ship my horn two weeks ago. I figure maybe February. It's a real nice case -- seems to be a hardened styrofoam, rigid, good protection, practically weightless, and a very classy linen cover, and a low-rent price tag. It was the wrong shape for the underslung neck so I just re-sculpted the neck compartment.
bill kasper
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Dec 13th 10:46 PM
morgan, is that the same gentleman we discussed out east who i've had such a good experience with?
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Dec 14th 10:47 AM
No, this guy is west of the Mississippi and doesn't do much instr work so probably nobody here has heard of him.
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Dec 14th 12:02 PM
MoS, if you like the BAM cases, their trekking case does fit the SML tenor -- it's what I use for my own. I'm carrying them now, and if you're interested in one we can work out a very nice price (price to past customers is roughly my cost + lunch).
User ID: 0952054
Dec 14th 12:03 PM
p.s. am also talking with Hiscox about mod's to their tenor case to accomodate SML tenor's big bell....
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Dec 15th 11:15 AM
Hey Tungp,

Oooohhhhhhh, I've read very good things about the Hiscox cases but read here on SOTW that there isn't really a USA distributor yet. Lemme know if that comes to fruition.

I'll check out the bam cases too. Thanks for treating you ol' customers so well!
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Dec 15th 1:25 PM
Hey, MoS, thanks for treating me so well -- always a two-way street.

There is no official distributor yet for Hiscox in the US. Most affordable way, to general public, is either through Howarth of London or by a direct drop-ship. For you, though, you might be surprised at how inexpensive they are (email me, if Hiscox ends up being something that you want to look into. They're a bit too snug on the SML tenors. They fit, but it takes a little pressure to close the case because the (soft) padding at contact points on each side of the bell needs a little more room. I would feel good about using a Hiscox with my SML tenor for everyday use, but any rough handling might put it at risk. Even fiberglass has a little flex to it.
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Dec 17th 10:14 AM
A bit embarrassed: was misinformed previously: the Hiscox cases' ext. shells are ABS, not fiberglass. Just found this out today, talking with Hiscox company.
Daniel McB
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Dec 28th 4:16 PM
I'm using an SKB hard case for my Gold Medal tenor ... everything fits fine. Not too expensive, and enough protection for carrying, the car, etc

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Dec 28th 5:23 PM
OTOH I tried a SKB contour and it would not hold an SML alto.
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Dec 28th 10:37 PM
Morgan, I own a Gold Medal Alto, and I use a SKB 440 contoured case. Are you talking about the older one? Mine is the newer one, with the pocket on the side. It's fits very nicely.
Paul C.
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Dec 29th 4:27 PM
I have my SML tenor in a Protec Contoured.
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Jan 30th 10:54 PM
<<Winter GreenLine which I bought to accommodate a Buescher400 >>

That Buescher came back home, exactly 366 days after I sent it off for overhaul. (The work is very nice. The guy doesn't regularly free-lance so I'm not sharing his name.)

The Greenline case is a TERRIBLE fit for SML tenor. It slops around like a loose shoe. It fits the B400 like a glove.

I keep my SML tenor in a Protec contour. The case is very nice but the neck compartment is pretty poor: the neck tends to flop out of there and fly around unless you wedge a mess of bubble wrap or foam or something in there to keep it in the compartment.
John T.
User ID: 0247944
Jan 31st 4:19 PM
I tried an SML Tenor in my SKB-450 Pro Contoured Tenor Case. The Body fit fine but the neck was a little longer than the Neck pocket area.