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User ID: 9084913
Nov 13th 4:22 PM
Nope, I ain't got one. But has anyone ever seen a gold plated SML bari? PJ? Morgan?

Perhaps I'm just jealous, but I got this funny idea in my head after seeing all of those gold plated Conns for sale a little while back on eBay...

Anyone want to make a donation to the MoS-build-a-gold-plated-SML-sax-exhibit fund?

User ID: 1718124
Nov 14th 10:16 PM
I have a gold plated King Marigaux Bari by SML with low A. It has a huge sound.
Rob V
User ID: 1815634
Nov 15th 5:44 PM
So it does exist OK!

I am the lucky owner of a nickel plated SML bari.
The ting thats importamt is the sound!

SML sounds huge subtile and with an edge.

I only speak for alto and bar since i don,t have soprano or a tenor.
User ID: 0833354
Nov 30th 5:21 PM
Were many (any) Bari's done in Silver Plate? Did they have the Gold Wash inside the Bell?


User ID: 9084913
Dec 5th 5:19 PM
D Pinkerton,

Any chance you can get some pictures to PJ? Or post them somewhere for us SMLunatics to see?