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User ID: 8820133
Jan 29th 1:31 AM
without wanting to aggravate anyone (!),could someone explain what it is that is so attractive about SML TENORs please.
I've had a good look at SaxPics site and realise that they have very good build quality, adjusting screws, various giblets, and at least with the GOldMeda, RTHs, but what is it soundwise that chracterises these horns ?
The Martin
User ID: 0631424
Jan 30th 12:59 AM
The Big Bell also is something different.
Also soundwise it's got a hugh sound from bottom end to top.
User ID: 9892733
Jan 31st 3:07 AM
blijkbaar niet veel, te zien van de reactie..
The Martin
User ID: 0631424
Jan 31st 8:42 AM
In ieder geval is het een goed sax die hier in nederland voor een fatsoenlijk bedrag gekocht kan worden.
User ID: 8820133
Jan 31st 10:08 AM
'k weet het - juist daarom de vraag !
User ID: 8820133
Jan 31st 10:46 AM
ik twijfel tussen een SML, dat duur zilver Ponzol op maarktplaats en een TH&C, of wel nog een Serie II. Momenteel heb ik een licht voorkeur voor het TH&C. Enige ideen ?
Rob V
User ID: 1815634
Jan 31st 11:21 AM
madav if you want a good sound for a reasonable price go for The SML in silver or laqeur.

Yust got a Silver SML tenor sounds great.
The Martin
User ID: 0631424
Feb 1st 2:10 AM
Madav, I guess they are all very nice.
At least I would like to own one of each *:o)
(Specially a nice silver TH&C, but that's just for looks, never played one)
User ID: 1682844
Feb 1st 4:24 PM
Big sound, very warm and tender when you want, agressive like an animal when you want ... it's just a very sexy saxophone!