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bill kasper
User ID: 1334734
Nov 7th 9:06 PM

not mine, but within a few serial numbers, and, while mine is in better shape, for all intents and purposes identical!!!
User ID: 0541004
Nov 7th 9:39 PM
Hey, Bill, where'd your website go? I can't seem to find it ...
bill kasper
User ID: 1334734
Nov 7th 11:22 PM
currently out of action. i switched isp's a month ago and haven't spent the time to bring it back up. hopefully it will be up before christmas, depending upon how many horns i want to add...

User ID: 9182423
Nov 8th 5:36 PM
I completely understand and look forward to seeing it!
User ID: 0178794
Dec 16th 6:27 AM
EBay # 1495373037 is currently the cheapest SML Tenor you are likely to find. S/N 12k will sell for little over $500 if no one else bids in the next 16 hours. Peace on earth....
User ID: 0952054
Dec 16th 8:43 AM
I haven't got time to check that auction out at the moment, but SML stencil shoppers might be well-advised to look closely at a prospective horn's parts. A friend/customer recently hipped me to an auction for a stencil under an unexpected name, that did appear to be SML parts, but many of them looked badly buffed -- thumb rest & brace especially -- so as to make me concerned about things like tone holes, neck taper, etc.
User ID: 0303694
Dec 29th 10:28 PM
I recently purchased an SML alto for my son and he is wondering if it is a pro model. The model # 9649
and it is in excellent condition, although he complains about some minor sticking with the high f or g? Anyway, he started out on a tenor but loves Cannoball Adderley etd. Guess, I'll end up buying a King. I listen to him play this horn and don't understand the fascination with Selmers. IMHO
User ID: 0784604
Dec 30th 12:20 AM
<<wondering if it is a pro model.>>
User ID: 9558813
Dec 30th 9:58 AM
Hey Shell (or is it Kjell?)

Drop me a line on your SML alto... maybe I can 'adopt' it.