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K of K's
User ID: 9621663
Sep 28th 10:35 PM
Anybody see that "Woodwind Co." made in Paris
tenor sold on eBay? The photos did not show the
G# table which would have clinched it but it
sure looked like an SML stencil.
Joseph Jaeger Sep 29th 10:35 AM
It looked like an SML Stencil to me to. But the photos were too few to be sure.
K of K's
User ID: 9621663
Sep 29th 1:25 PM
If it was an SML, some brave soul copped an SML
and a $300 vintage Link for $425 and change!!
User ID: 8924643
Sep 29th 2:06 PM
charles Bergere
User ID: 1209744
Nov 17th 9:42 PM
I bought an alto sax a year ago through a friend who worked in a thrift shop as a volunteer.I paid 85.00 dollars.The brand was The Woodwind company custom built Paris New York. I found out yesterdays through Fred Cicetti that it was a stencil SML made for the Woodwind people in the fifties. This beast is heavy and has a huge tone. I hope to be able to tame it soon
User ID: 2302834
Nov 17th 11:12 PM
K of K's: Do you know that ebay item # ? (before the photos disappear ?)
K of K's
User ID: 9621663
Nov 19th 12:34 AM
Sorry--deleted it.
User ID: 0512724
Jan 20th 12:29 PM
My repairwomen recently acquired an old tenor SML stencil made for the Woodwind Co. of New York. The horn is in great condition, no dents with about 80% of the original lacquer. The horn has the Woodwind Co. logo on the bell and the SML initials on the neck. The sax is very heavy,I haven't had a chance to play the horn because it's in the process of being repaded. From what I read in this topic forum, it seems that the horn has a huge tone? I'm not sure what a huge tone is, I mean does that mean loud volume wise. I appreciate a uniquely dark warm floating sound. Very Similar to Stan Getz and Lester Young. Basically I would like a description of the SML sound (I read they are pretty consistent) if anyone can brief me I'd be very thankful.
User ID: 7399413
Jan 21st 2:09 AM
Whitney, if you put some air into it, you can certainly get all the volume you might want out of an SML. The first time I really got behind a low Bb, it shook the foundation of my house ;-)
However, the warm, dark sound you describe is very characteristic of the SML. (I play mine with a HR Link 5.) I have no experience with the Woodwind stencils, but you should definitely try this horn. It may have just the sound you are seeking. Best wishes on your search.
User ID: 1676554
Jan 21st 1:50 PM
Whitney! If you get a digital camera I'm definitely willing to post your pics. I've been unable to find any of the Woodwind stencils.

The Vintage Saxophone Gallery
User ID: 8834313
Jan 23rd 11:05 AM
That's good news Alex. I'm also looking for a potentialy powerful horn, I don't like using amplification. And what you said about the SML's seems to fit the description of my needs. Wow, I also use a HRLink, an old Reso Chamber Otto Link opened up to about a .90. It's very breathy and it's a beautiful sound. Thank you for your info and support.

Saxpics, my dad just bought a new Nikon digital camera, it takes sweet pictures. And I haven't seen any Woodwind SML pics on ebay or any sax gallery. I'll be sure to take pics as soon as I encounter the tenor again. Thank you for the URL, great site.