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K of K's
User ID: 9621663
Aug 26th 12:09 AM
Hello SML fanciers!

I'm not an SML guy although I had an alto years ago that really had a huge sound. I'd like to see
if anyone remembers the "Reynolds Contempora"/SML.
It, like the King Marigeaux, was an SML stencil model sold by Reynolds. Perhaps Reynolds, also in
Cleveland, had been absorbed by King by this point
and it was actually King using the Reynolds name on SML saxes. Maybe someone knows about this...
User ID: 9495963
Sep 14th 3:45 PM
I was just given a SML Gold Medal Alto sax. The instrument case has a F.A. Reynolds tag on it.
K of K's
User ID: 9621663
Sep 14th 11:07 PM
Interesting. The Reynolds SML actually said
"Reynolds" right on the horn. BTW, I'd like to go
where these are being given away!