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Jive Dadson Aug 8th 9:30 PM
What is a King Lamaire? Any kin to King Marigaux? Is a King Lamaire baritone a honker?

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Aug 9th 3:08 AM
King Lemaire bears no resemblance to SML or King Marigaux, but should instead be compared to Amati ie. it is Czechoslovakian, not French. There is another Lemaire thread further down. You are on your own as to whether their Baris are honkers; but pricing should be comparable to Amati rather than SML. God bless
Dave Jive-i-son
User ID: 9941493
Aug 9th 7:05 PM
Should be re-named:

King Le Merde you dig?
saxpics Aug 14th 6:50 AM
What? Does no one else speak French? Come on ...
Paul C.
User ID: 8464923
Aug 19th 2:11 PM
All I know in French are the bad words.