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bill kasper
User ID: 1509104
Jul 11th 1:05 PM
hi, folks...just got back yesterday my 23xxx sml gold medal alto from steve fowler at fowler music service. here's part of the message i sent to him after i played it for about half an hour next to my conn lady:

"walks like an sml, talks like an sml, feels like an's an sml!!!

well done, steve. i am really happy with this horn, the setup, and the feel of the keys. i was a little alarmed at the lack of travel in the g#, then realized you'd set it up great and it was my being used to my chu alto that made the difference. played them side by side, with a meyer nyusa 6MM and LOVED the sound. not the the same feel as my conn, but definitely ballsy! i could play from fff to ppp with ease (which i cannot do on the conn; air support, air support, air support!), and after about ten minutes had forgotten about the keywork difference. feels *exactly* like playing my soprano, takes only a little more air to do much with it, and the pads are tiiiight. my altissimo was smooth, though my low end needed a little throat relaxation. i am going to work on that tonight.

you did an excellent job, sir. i pulled it out of the case to show my wife ali and she said 'wow, that's beautiful'...the thing glows and is just that: beautiful, in every way. thank you very, very much."

i highly recommend steve. he communicated with me throughout the process (he has had this and a silver king zephyr of mine to completely overhaul since early march), discussed what needed to be, and did it right. sadly, i left my setup at home yesterday, or i would have blown it all lunchtime...after i've played it some tonight and tommorow lunch, i'll post more.

i can say this: the tonal thing that sml did is consistent between its voices. my sml soprano (also 23xxx) feels the same in my hands and has the same quality of tone: ringing, solid, colorful, and flexible. a worthy pair.

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bill kasper
User ID: 1509104
Jul 11th 1:07 PM
just to clarify. my "altissimo" is up to the top of the keywork. can't get anything else above high f except by accident, yet.