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Jun 27th 11:45 PM
Yesterday I went down to my school to take a sax out for the summer (they finally finished repairing them), last year I came in 1 minute late and didn't get a sax; to make sure this didn't happen this time I came in 1 hour early. So, I was the 1st person in the room, once they opened the door. I was about to take the Bundy II that I usually take, but right as I was about to fill out the form another saxaphone player (she was significantly more advanced than I) casually said "That other one is much better", knowing that she owned her own sax and wasn't trying to make me lose the good one I picked up the case that she was pointing at. It was noticeably heavier than any of the other ones. I quickly played a scale (which sounded beautiful, as far as my scales go), the wabbly thumb rest felt weird though. I packed the sax backed up, filled out the form and left the building.

When I reached my house I had the chance to really play it. It is safe to say that is the best sax that I've ever played (not that I've played all that many). Out of curiocity I decided to identify the brand. It was an SML. Serial number: 14871. Approximately what year does this mean its from? How do I find out what exact model it is?
Bob b.
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Jun 28th 1:00 PM
Buy it if you can!!!
Mike W.
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Jun 28th 1:45 PM
This horn was probably made in the late 1950's. An SML alto was the first horn I owned outright, and I wish I still had it now! Mine would have been about the same vintage as yours (except I got mine in 1968!). You'll get used to the pivoting left thumb rest in no time, and it's a real world-class pro horn, a zillion times better than any Bundy II on the planet.

You have chosen wisely, young Skywalker! May you play it long and well.
User ID: 2024664
Jun 28th 2:01 PM
Its a pro horn! Wow!
Unfortunately its the school's so I can't buy it :P. But I can play it for free for the next 2 months :)!