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Jive Dadson Jun 25th 11:30 PM
I talked briefly Friday with a salesman in a music store who said he used to sell King Marigauxs. He said "the only problem" was that the lacquer burned easily. I kind of dismissed that until I adjusted some spring tensions tonight. The springs are white metal and have the lacquer on them. (The horn is NEW! I still can't get over that.) I heated one of the springs a little with a butane torch, and immediately the lacquer on it turned dark brown and flaky.

Am I going to mess up the lacquer when I use a torch on the back of the key cups to float pads in? Anyone?

Steve Goodson
User ID: 9308123
Jun 26th 5:12 PM
In all probablility, yes. On horns with nitrocellulose lacquer (as opposed to the modern epoxy based type), I use a heat gun as opposed to a direct flame.
Jive Dadson Jun 26th 9:26 PM
Thanks for the info, Steve!

Can you recommend a brand of heat gun that will not get hot enough to burn the lacquer? What max temperature should I be looking for?