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Jive Dadson Jun 23rd 7:28 PM
I played a few tunes in a night club with the new King Marigaux tenor. It's a swank night club in a hotel. I played with a group I hadn't played with before. We played stuff like bossas and ballads, and one or two swingy type bebop tunes. There were some bumps in the road. It was dumb of me to use the horn before I was sure I was comfortable with it.

On the first tune particularly, I had some trouble playing it in tune. I think I'll just need to practice some more with it. I've had it on the tuner, and it has a very even scale.

There was a real gaff when I intended to play low C# and my pinky finger completely missed the key. Hey! Who put that way over there?

When I finished, I asked a friend which horn he liked best. He said, "The other one. In here, I like the other one." "Oh?" I said, a little disappointed. He said, "It's too loud. You drowned out the piano."

Oops. I guess I was not listening well. The horn has a lot more power than the Mark VI I usually play. I'd played in that room many times before. It's a big room with a very high ceiling, and I don't use a microphone. Still, I have no doubt he was right. I was using the Morgan Excalibur #7. The sound is fine, not at all strident, not too much edge, but it is easy to play it real loud. I think next time I'll use a Morgan Protone I have. It's a "beginner's mouthpiece", but it plays real nice on that horn. I tried some other mouthpieces in a music store the same afternoon. Before, I had never been able to push a metal Otto Link hard enough to get the an edge. With that horn, the Links I played all sounded very, very bright and edgy. I left without buying anything.

Yes, there will be a next time. The leader of the group liked the way I played, despite the glitches. I'll be playing with them Wednesday.

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Jun 23rd 8:25 PM

This is really interesting to me , as I re-
member in past threads reading about the SMLs
being more powerful than a MK VI .

Is it _ really _ true ??
I've never played an SML and I'm very intruiged
by the idea of how powerful these SMLs are .

Any ideas about _why_ this is ??

Anybody else out there with a similiar exper-
ience to Jive's ???
Paul C.
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Aug 19th 3:09 PM