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Harri Rautiainen
May 25th 3:03 AM
Fred Cicetti has been at it again:

More illumination and review of recent SML developments available at:

Also, a survey for all SML/KING MARIGAUX sax owners:

Please help Fred in his attempt of compiling a serial number table.

Links to both also on "Sax on the Web" front page.
Mark James
User ID: 0854544
Aug 19th 3:51 PM
I was wondering where I could find information on the price of my grandfather's SML saxaphone. I don't know what year it was manufactured, but I believe he used it in the 1940's. If you could give me any advice I would appreciate it.
Please e-mail me at
Thank you.
Gideon Brazil
User ID: 7643003
Nov 1st 7:15 AM
I am looking at an SML ser.#8XXX Tenor. It doesn't say anything about "gold medal" etc, but it does have rolled tone holes. Lacquer is thin and splotchy in spots. Horn has no dents whatsoever. What's it worth - and what should I look for on this horn? Thanks,

Harri R.
Nov 2nd 5:54 PM
I have now reorganized Fred Cicetti's SML stories and added two new ones:

Carmen Leggio, the Great Saxman and
an update on SML serial numbers.

You will find them at:
User ID: 2302834
Nov 8th 5:50 PM
A previous post by Morgan said SML dropped Lemaire's name from their Saxes as between 8xxx and 11xxx. It can be further narrowed from another post by Eddy (Red) who quotes all 3 names on his S/N 9797 Tenor, and my S/N 10,985 Alto which leaves Lemaire out. Who can narrow it further ? Or perhaps there was a crossover where Tenor and Alto were not changed together ?