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User ID: 8701433
Jun 15th 8:46 PM
I'm going to sell an Silver alto 140XX dent free with 99.5% laquered very nice engraving and all that 22 features. I'm going to use ebay but more than happy to answer any question about it.

My email is:
User ID: 9481773
Jun 16th 2:49 AM
Beautiful Silver on ebay Number 359662825
Harri Rautiainen
User ID: 2170744
Jun 16th 4:19 AM
is this the same one you were selling in April?
What happeded?
User ID: 9481773
Jun 16th 6:54 PM
Dear Harri

No, this is another one, the last had a serial number of 137XX and this is 140XX, so pretty close, probable the same year, 1957. The condition is very good as you can see on ebay.

Tell me is isn't beautiful?