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kwabena sikumbuzo
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May 28th 12:59 PM
came across an alto from this company, apparently a nickel plated e flat made in Paris. the lettering on the bell, the shape and key pattern was strikingly similar to that on the SML soprano my trusted repairman passed under my nose (followed with dispatch by smelling salts; she was a beauty, one of the prettiest blondes i've ever seen and can also afford). can anyone tell me if this is a distant cousin to a particular SML?

thank you.
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May 30th 2:01 PM
Hello KS, et al,

I'm responding to your question actually with a similar question. Just yesterday, a friend showed me a silver plated tenor sax that had been given to him. It had rolled tone holes, engraving and keywork that were exactly like those of an SML soprano I owned at one time. The name on this horn is Celssi, and I guess my intention here is to piggy-back onto KS's original question. Anyone out there hear of this imprint as well? This horn had been played very heavily at one time, but has been sitting in its case for at least a decade or two. It needs work, and leaks so much it's difficult to really get a good sound, but it definitely had a very appealing resonance.

In any case, thanks to one and all in advance. Good health and long life to sax players everywhere!

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Jul 31st 11:20 PM
Wow. Finally I have found a reference to Monsieur Maurice Boiste! I purchased a Boiste alto silver plated engraved etc in March this year in a little Paris workshop. Boy does it sound good. Down low it just about glows in the dark and is very a bell. I love it, obviously. It was made in 1959 in Rue Georges Sand, Paris and has been really well used with lots of silver rubbed off here and there. I'd love to hear more about this beauty.
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Aug 1st 2:48 PM
So ... any of you guys got PHOTOS of these saxes? Octave key mechanisms... LH pinky cluster ... neck brace ... What is the serial number ...
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Aug 3rd 3:04 PM
Can you remember where the shop was in Paris. I am trying to find some second hand sax shops in Paris.
You can e mail me at

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Aug 3rd 11:18 PM
Yes Norman,
It was more a sax workshop and the charming guy who toils away in there will probably kill me for making this 'public' but I don't care as I'm here in Australia. He really doesn't care much about sales and that sort of thing he finds a bit vulgar. A great character, he is right into fixing top players' horns and woodwinds, that's what turns him on. However, he does have a range of oldies and his shop is in Rue Charlot, near the National Archives. And his name is Guy Collin. There are other shops of course, there was one in the Boulevard Henri IV and did you know Selmer have second hand horns as well. My love to Paris (and regards to Guy if you see him).