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Jeremy Barzizza
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May 22nd 9:13 PM
hey guys, how much do sml's go for? is it in the 3000 range like the mark vi's or closer to the 600 range like for the conn m series? or closer to the 1500 dollar super 20's?
steve goodson
User ID: 9308123
May 25th 7:45 AM
A new feature on my site is a "blue book" type guide to vintage saxophone values. Http://
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May 27th 4:49 AM
Thanks Steve for your job. Your value guide is very useful to us saxaddicts. It would be very interesting for us guys over here in Europe, to get a price reference for some other old brands, like the french PIERRET, DOUCHET or COURTOIS. There are some of these vintage horns around, built with an unbelievable mastership of handcraft and wonderful deep old sound. I guess that this is not a subject for the US-market, but let me ask you anyway if you think of completing your list with brands that are more common in Europe (in a time of general globalisation this seemes to make sense).
Thanks again, Rick
Steve Goodson
User ID: 9308123
May 27th 7:59 AM
i do a good bit of business in Europe, Asia, and Austrailia. The Listing was based on actual information that I was able to get from my own files and from other established dealers. There are a good many models that are missing because thee was no sales information available. It is my plan to expand the list as reliable infomation becomes available from other dealers. The Pierret that you mention, for example, is not commonly seen in this country. I have sold one, a "Super Artiste" alto in silver plate. It was a great playing horn, with rolled tone holes, an extra key for high C to high D trill, but was rather worn and had only about 50% of the original silver remaining. I had gotten the horn from a customer from Argentina (he traded it and some cash for a King Zephyr) and sold it to an American player for some cash and a Martin alto, There just wasn't enough to go on to really esablish a value range for the se fine instruments.

Globalisation is very much a reality in the vintage horn market. Many American players complain that "the Japanese are buying up all of the Mk VI's and forcing the price up". Well, what's wrong with the Japanese buying those horns? I've found that many of my European customes want old Conns and Kings. It is truly a world market now, and I think that's a good thing. I hope it will bring more SML's and Leblanc Rationales's to New Orleans for my personal collection!
Harri Rautiainen
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May 29th 12:37 PM
Thanks Steve for doing your home work for the VINTAGE_SAXOPHONE_VALUE_GUIDE.htm.
I am certainly pleased to see the value of my SML tenor appreciating. Then again, I am not planning of selling it any time soon.

After getting a Martin bari, I have developed an appetite also for American vintage saxes which are not so often available here in Finland.
Steve, I appreciate you seeing the whole "global village" as your market. The sellers who state "shipping to the United States only" are going to miss out in the future.
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May 29th 6:06 PM
I would like to add to Hari's comments. Since moving to Australia from the US I've realised that the world market consists of more than just one country.

Retailers all around the world should be grateful there's such a large, yet to be fully serviced market out there and find new ways of tapping into it.

Steve, you've done a fantastic job with your web site. It reflects the type of commitment and attitude that is sorely lacking. I hope your business booms. Keep up the great work.

I'll be visiting New Orleans in July, I'm hoping to drop by (with SML) and hopfully say G'day.