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Brady Webb
User ID: 0603144
May 14th 11:05 PM
I've ordered a 68xx silver plated SML tenor, and will give it a test run when it arrives. If it passes the "audition" then I'll join the rest of you as the latest SML community member. Anyone with experience wiht these pre-gold medal series saxes?

You can see pics of the sax in the tenor section at

I highly recommend steve @ world wide sax. Unless the tenor turns out to be a lemon (doubt it) I've had a great experience working with him.
Anyhows, I'll keep you all posted. Wish me luck.
Brady Webb
User ID: 0603144
May 14th 11:08 PM
whoops, the s/n is reall 6630
User ID: 9467593
May 15th 2:58 PM
did u by the super horn they have?
those are transitionals, between rev b and c, tell me how it is when u try it. i have an alto rev d, just before the gold medal model
User ID: 0247944
May 15th 10:31 PM
the older the better . . .
User ID: 9308123
May 18th 10:32 AM
Thats a great serial number should have rolled tone holes and all the features
User ID: 0603144
May 18th 4:31 PM
well it arrived yesterday, and I played on it for a while, then had a pro player I know check it out . Nice sound (big!), good looking sax. But the G# table is just a bit too tough for me.
If you've got a strong pinky (or don't mind the reach) then this sax is for you. NIce big warm sound, and really really pretty sliver plating.

check out to check it out
User ID: 2365684
May 18th 11:52 PM
Interesting point about the G# table. I've always had older saxes that have had that configuration. I recently played a Yamaha and Yani and simply couldn't get comfortable with the G# set up. If you like the sound and gerneral feel of the sax, my recommendation is stck with it. I have 2 SML's and when it comes to power and feel they rank amoungst the best. Simply the best horn on the market for the money. Have fun and happy blowing
User ID: 1278884
May 30th 5:36 PM
Well, Brady, did you return it or buy it?
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 6821083
Jun 10th 9:40 PM
Anything else about this horn? Other than the G# table, would you consider this horn a keeper?
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 9245273
Jun 14th 8:54 PM
Zee SML ees mine! Next, Gustave and I vill take over the world! Muahahahahahahahaha
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 9481773
Jun 16th 2:50 AM
Silver Alto for sale on ebay number 359662825
User ID: 8346323
Jun 19th 12:03 PM
Anyone seen a four digit SML tenor? How do they play? Anyone know who got that one at World Wide Sax?
User ID: 0247944
Jun 20th 9:19 AM
I have an 8k SML tenor. Luscious. Fat. Powerhouse. Blows wheezy little Selmers off the stage. Not for sale. Not now. Not later.
User ID: 1278884
Jun 23rd 11:06 PM
I missed out on the purchase of this sax, but I did play it at the purchaser's. He said he will let me come and visit it every so often.

It plays great! I did not find any problem with the G#, certainly nowhere near like my Buescher bari pinky table.

The sax looked even better than the pictures on World Wide Sax. It was difficult to find where the dents had been removed from the bow. I would not have noticed if Sarge had not mentioned it. The pads were new looking, the adjustment perfect.

There were no imperfections not revealed in writing or by the pictures. I have had other friends deal with Sarge before, and this was their experience, too. (Applause for World Wide Sax inserted here)

The tone was big, rich, warm. Bottom end easy, nice subtone, or honkin' as needed. The intonation was great all the way up into the palms. The buttons were REAL mother of pearl, and semi translucent. Colors went from white to pink to brown to green as the horn changed angle in the light. So, the discolored pearls in the picture were not. Different angle and the white ones were now colors, the dark ones light... etc. Very pretty.

The silver was mostly intact, and easily touched up if wanted with a brush plater. I would not have gone to the trouble, it looked great.

My friend would not sell it to me at any price, and we both agreed it was the buy of a lifetime. So, Brady, you lost out on a great sax...

I had already done the hard part, convinced my wife I really needed another sax... LOL! A day late, dollar short, as they say.
User ID: 1278884
Jun 23rd 11:18 PM
Jack: yes, rolled tone holes.
User ID: 0777594
Jun 24th 12:17 AM
I thought a few of you SMLunatics might be interested to know that as far as mouthpieces go, the one I use on my bench and my all time fav hard rubber alto mpce is made by SML. They aren't easy to find, but are superb( I think they rarely come with the used SML saxes because no intelligent player would let one go ).
Also, I have had several SML's come through my shop and most of them did have the 'switchable' articulating G#-C# link. I think it was a standard feature after (roughly) 1948. I did have a (about) '48 horn with it on there, but it wasn't a gold medal, but I guess they could have been on earlier models that I havn't seen. I probably don't need to repeat this but SML horns are the best sounding horns ever made. If you don't care for the G# table, you might take a little time and adjust to it, as there is absolutely no Japanese saxophone that can match it.
good playing
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 1711124
Jun 24th 1:51 AM
Paul: Your friend said absolutely not for sale? What a shame...Day late and a dollar short indeed. Interesting note Sarge. Any chance of a mouthpiece selection for SML's article Paul? *cough cough hint hint nudge nudge*
Dr. Inconspicuous
Jive Dadson Jun 26th 9:25 PM
My new King Marigaux tenor came with a new SML mouthpiece. It looks like it was probably played once for a short while without a tooth patch. It plays well, but the tip opening is a bit small for my tastes.

The horn has the switchable G# (ser. no. 255xx). I lightened the spring tension on the low C#, low B and Bb, and on the spring that opens the G#. With G# articulation switched off, the pinky notes are easy enough to work -- not as easy as on the Mark VI, but I think they'll be usable with practice.

I can't get over how huge the sound is. I think I'm going to use a Morgan 7M most of the time, and an SR Technology "Fusion" when I'm playing an R&B gig with an enemy guitar player. With that SR, the thing can hurt you.

User ID: 1278884
Jun 28th 3:48 PM
OK, Dr Inconspicuous is my long time friend, the purchaser of that tenor. But I have had a chance to play it. He will not sell it to me, though. He has been having a good time with me, though.
User ID: 1278884
Jun 28th 3:49 PM
Well, Dr Inconspicuous, would you mind putting pictures of it on Harri's SML page?
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