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Al Billings
User ID: 7963633
May 14th 2:01 PM
It seems as though a lot of us haven't had the oportunity to
play a King Lemaire sax. Recently, I bought a King Lemaire
tenor--lacquer body with nickel keys. I had it run through the
shop to replace a few pads, corks, neck cork etc., and to have
the bell-edge smoothed. The lacquer is nicely darkened. This
Czech-made horn was almost certainly made by Amati--the
key guards etc. look the same. I would guess this horn was
made in the 70's. How does it play? Great! Nice, well-made and
easy-playing key work, Conn-like. No awkward palm keys, and
good intonation. Sound? Robust and lush. Is this a killer pro
horn? No! I play Couesnon, both alto and tenor, and they are
higher-quality, more powerful horns. The King Lemaire is,
however, a highly respectable tenor sax, suitable for student,
step-up or back-up axe. It reminds me of the earlier Conn 16 M.
It sounds,plays and looks better to me than the old King
Cleveland 613, and I would choose it over Yamaha student and
step-up horns. I occasionaly buy and re-sell a horn to cover my
sax habit, and I won't be at all ashamed to offer this nice
instrument for sale.