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Joe Sallenger
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May 11th 2:38 PM
Hi guys,

As a lapsed sax player who recently discovered flutes are not SUPPOSED to be hard to play, I have a bit of information on the SML acquisition of the famous Louis Lot firm and imprint in 1951 posted at

Anyone curious about this aspect of the SML story, please visit. Please let me know if you notice any errors or run across additional information.

Play pretty,

Joe Sallenger
Outward Bound
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May 19th 12:07 AM
I see from your website that you shelled out some cash & bought the Rive flute from B. Miller that was on eBay last month. Unbelievable. It looks pretty cool. My friend has one, but not as elaborately festooned, if you know what I mean.
Whats it like? Play as good as it looks? In toon? Tell me., Tell me
Joe Sallenger
User ID: 8443743
May 21st 7:15 PM

You realize you've done the very foolish equivalent of asking a father if he has pictures of his kids, don't you?

Brian agreed to let me "test drive" the Rive flute for a few days (knowing it would sell itself). Flute construction and retuning work very solid, pads perfect, action light and consistent, and headjoint size ideal for swapping with Powell, Sankyo, Muramatsu, and even my SML/Louis Lot/Marigaux.

The headjoint has a very "flat" feel to the lip plate which takes a little getting used to. My lower lip doesn't feel the edge of the blow hole as much as I normally expect, so I have to fight the tendency to press down.

The mechanism has been thoroughly overhauled, and is not at all sloppy. I'm still learning to use a light touch after decades of playing sax. The trill rod is very close to the thumb keys, and I find myself touching it unintentionally (I probably overuse the thumb Bb fingering) -- I wonder if the trill rod is closer or higher than it was before retuning?

Other than my adjusting to the flute, the flute speaks easily and with a broad range of color and dynamics, from a lilting ppp third octave to a delightfully large and breathy ff bottom end (I was just jamming with a Ben Webster cd).

Parents say they love all their children just the same.

Parents lie.

Thanks for asking, and what brought you to SML?

Joe Sallenger
OuTwaRd bOuNd
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May 21st 11:30 PM
Proud owner of a king mariguax bari

need an sml flute now