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Apr 27th 3:18 PM
I bought an SML saxophone this year, and im am tryin out some mouthpieces for it. I would like some advice from u more experianced SMLer's what kinda mouth piece, reed, and ligiture set up you use. I cant get the right sound i want.

Thanx alot.

also, i have a rev d alto.
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Apr 28th 9:57 PM
I was using a KC ligature with yani mouthpiece number 5.
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Apr 29th 2:18 PM
Berg 110/2. M.C. Gregory. Sugal JB1 (on EBay blowout sale). All of these sound fantaaaastic on SML.
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Apr 29th 7:37 PM
Thanx for the help,
what about meyer?
are they any good on a SML?
and also, the small chamber V16's, has anyone played one, any good?

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Apr 30th 7:41 PM
played an old meyer ny tenor, hated it. bright/thin. alto could be diffferent -- i always liked meyer on any alto. also for alto I like my refaced/opened up selmer rubber mp from 4winds
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May 1st 7:49 AM
A selmer S80 plays great on the SML's and it won't cost you a fortune.
Jive Dadson Jun 20th 6:23 PM
I just took delivery on a new (!) King Marigaux tenor, probably manufactured in 1971 or 72. It came with all the original accessories, including a hard rubber mouthpiece marked "Paris SML" on the back. It is stamped "R4".

I only received the horn today, and I haven't had the opportunity yet to measure the mouthpiece. However, I played it some here at work (okay, here at goofing today with my new old saxophone). The mouthpiece plays very well. It's not at all the kind of junk that often ships with a new horn. The tip opening appears to be around .090". It has a very low baffle, and a small square throat. It looks quite similar to an old Selmer short shank "F".

With a fine vintage horn, you don't need a high baffle or large tip opening to get a big, vibrant sound. Too high a baffle can mess up the intonation of the horn. Too big a tip opening just makes it harder to play with facility.

The obvious first try would be a new Selmer "F". However, the new Selmer mouthpieces I've seen are not properly "scooped out" just inside the tip. Instead, the baffle is rounded there. The resulting constriction at the tip makes the response wimpy throughout, and is particularly harmful to middle D.

I'd try a Morgan jazz, perhaps with a medium chamber. I blew a few test notes with my Morgan Excalibur 7 (tip opening .100") on the horn this afternoon. It speaks well and seems to have good intonation. The sound is quite bright, but the center is not missing. The Excalibur model has a higher baffle than the other Morgan's, but it is not extreme like some so-called "rock/fusion" mouthpieces. Still, it may be "too much" for this horn. I'll know more tomorrow.


Paul C.
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Aug 19th 3:12 PM
FYI, a vintage (age?) SML mouthpiece I have now appears to be identical to a Rascher, but with just a hint of rollover baffle.