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Apr 27th 1:14 AM
Anyone out there have advise on what Hard / Flight Cases tend to fit well for SML's. I have an alto and tenor in the 13-14,000 series. As variety doesn't exist in Australia I might be forced to order overseas.

Thanks in advance
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Apr 27th 1:37 AM
HI there Dunk..
I have a SML Gold Medal alto, and I use a SKB contoured hardcase flight case. Not the old one though.. The new one with the pouch on the outside. It's sturdy, and doesn't allow the horn to move inside. On the downside, it's heavy, but if you're looking for a tank to keep your SML's in.. I highly recommend it.
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Apr 27th 2:06 AM
Bootman had a custom made Aussie case for his Buescher during his visit to the US. He showed this to me when I picked him up in New Orleans, and I was very impressed. He said the fellow who makes them custom fits the insides for unusual saxes. The SML should be no problem.

I have the SKB-450 Contoured Pro case that Jason describes above. It fits my Mk VI like a glove. Not much heavier than a leather gig bag, and certainly strong.
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Apr 27th 2:26 AM
my SMLtenor (6.25 inch bell)fits perfectly in a Selmer(Paris)Flight case. it's heavy, but solid.may not be very useful information,but I think i saw a case like mine on ebay recently. ciao.
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Apr 27th 8:38 AM
There are a number of contoured cases on ebay that fit the sml. There is one listed now that has a picture of an sml in the case. Just do a search on "contoured" I bought one of these cases and they were excellent.
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Apr 27th 6:38 PM
Actually it isn't a custom made case but a regularly available top end flite case. The case is made Hiscox an English company and is called the liteflite case. Email me directly at and I will put in contact with shop. They actually have a couple in stock. Also they are the flite case that fits the LH bell key saxes properly.
For those unlucky enough to live the wrong way up you can check out the case at They will ship world wide.
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May 5th 12:06 AM
Thanks Boys

I hope this has also been of assistance to others

Happy Playing