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User ID: 9308123
Apr 11th 8:17 PM
Great playing, 80XX tenor FS. Rolled holes, good pads, Selmer type resonators, full adjusting screws,has patch (expertly done) on neck. Lacquer finish is about 75& intact, I doubt it is original. I've played lots of these, and this one is unusually rich sounding. $1600 + shipping FIRM.
Leon Mack
User ID: 0986624
Jun 28th 4:32 PM
Steve - you mention the 75% lacquer intact on this SML. I thought they were gold plated? If you find a good one, a Gold Medal model, or one that preceeds that model, please let me know and I will buy it if I can afford it.
Leon Mack
Steve Goodson
User ID: 1473814
Jun 28th 6:20 PM
I've seen 'em lacquered, gold plated, silver plated, and nickel plated. BTW, I was going to put this one into my personal stash, so I repadded it with Prestini PS220 goatskin pads and installed oversized smooth (no exposed rivet) metal domed resonators. I also repaired the neck, removing the patch. The horn has teflon under the flat springs and in the key cradles, and my secret material on the key feet to prevent bounce. Better than new, plays like a bear, and is $2000 + shipping firm.
Mike R.
User ID: 1320554
Jun 28th 6:51 PM
Steve - why did the price go up $400?
Steve Goodson
User ID: 1473814
Jun 29th 5:44 AM
Repadded, neck patch removed, total overhaul etc. The increase in price is HALF what I charge for that amount of work.
User ID: 0247944
Jun 29th 1:59 PM
I imagine there's a pretty widespread misunderstanding about the coatings. For the record, "Gold Medal" does not mean "Gold Plate".
But at 8k it wouldn't be a GM anyway as that label was invented later. And FWIW I think Steve's price is pretty reasonable as a "dealer price". $1600 is about the eBay price for that horn. Lee, grab it! If it's anything like my 8k tenor it's a keeper.
User ID: 2665034
Jun 30th 1:03 AM
Yeah. No one looks at model charts anymore :)

It seems that most SML horns before 95xx are even more rare than those after, based on the number of horns that I've seen.

How's life, Morgan? You got any more pics for me?


The latest, eventually-will-be-complete-if-I-don't-find-40-more-SML-models model chart is at my 'site:
User ID: 1278884
Jun 30th 2:12 AM
Looked at Steve's SML tenor today. Plays well and is solid. The work on the neck was real artistry. The feel of those firm Prestini goatskin pads is solid. Plunk, plunk, plunk, up and down the scale. Very fast feeling. Good projection, smooth. I found it to play very much like my excellent Mk VI.
Steve Goodson
User ID: 7601343
Jul 2nd 4:26 PM
sold this morning to a customer from Dallas.
User ID: 0247944
Jul 2nd 8:54 PM
<<to a customer from Dallas>>
Good idea -- only Texas has room for that big sound.
Harriet Freeman
User ID: 0554384
Jul 20th 9:52 AM
Do you have any infor on a King "Lemaire" Tenor Sax with the Serial # 105878?
Harriet Freeman
User ID: 0554384
Jul 20th 9:54 AM
I can be reached at re the King "Lemaire" Tenor Sax with Serial #105878.
User ID: 9774843
Jul 20th 6:26 PM
Harriet, take a look at the thread "Lemaire?" or copy and paste this link: