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Fred Cicetti
User ID: 7859123
Apr 7th 7:47 AM
Just a short notice to let everyone know I'm auctioning off my prized SML soprano on eBay. This is an incredible instrument that I am parting with reluctantly. The truth of it is that I discovered curved sopranos and fell in love with their sound. SML never made one of these or I'd be hunting it down. I bought a Conn on eBay. I can't afford to own more than one soprano, so the SML has to go. I'd love to mount it on a wall just to look at it, but that ain't gonna happen.
User ID: 0373644
Apr 11th 12:05 AM

Hold the show!

Might mine eyeballs be-a decebin' moi???

Say it aint so, Joe--er, like, I mean Freddie!

The man who started the whole SML craze & probably single-handedly raised the value of all these horns via cyberspace is now selling that "Holy Grail", the horn he pined so much for on his website over the last year, upon which obtaining said instrument would grant him great happiness & make his lil' ol' life complete-ski.

wit dat?

da honeymoonz most definitively be ober

Harri R.
User ID: 2170744
Apr 11th 6:40 PM
yeah, yeah

Good questions here, Racken...?

do you still have your tenor?
Fred Cicetti
User ID: 7859123
Apr 12th 1:15 PM
The honeymoon is definitely NOT over. Believe me, if SML made a curved soprano, I would find it if it took me the rest of my life. But the company made only straight sopranos. Once I played a curved, I realized that straight sops can't compete with the robust saxy sound you get from a curved horn. In time, I found myself leaving the SML soprano in its case. And, frankly, I needed the money to offset what I paid for the curved soprano. I may be the keeper of the SML flame, but I don't have unlimited disposable income. Now, having said all that, I still have my SML tenor and alto. I would go without food before parting with either of them.
Harri R.
User ID: 8701433
Apr 13th 2:53 PM
congratulations on your succesful sale on eBay.
Too bad you offered it in the US only, your pictures were really tempting:-)
Seriously, I am still working on my Yani straight soprano.

I very much appreciate you holding the SML flag. I am sure that I speak for all of us here, when I welcome your future contributions.

- Harri
User ID: 0763414
Apr 14th 2:46 AM