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Rich G.
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Apr 4th 11:42 PM
What are the distinguishing characteristics of a SML Standard tenor and a SML Gold Medal tenor? Serial Number is in the 13XXX range.
User ID: 8688133
Apr 7th 1:32 AM
The major difference is tone holes: all Standards have straight tone holes. MOST, probably all, Standards lack the adjusting screws and mechanisms found on the Gold Medal. Finally, most SMLunatics seem to consider the Standard a step down from the top-of-the-line SML's. I haven't played them to compare, but both look extremely well made and look rather nice.

Also, in this instance, the Gold Medal horns are a lot newer than the one you mention.

Anyhow, if you've got pics, please share!

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Rich G.
User ID: 9878643
Apr 7th 9:38 AM
Thank you saxpics (PJT). This is a recently purchased horn. I will get some pics to you once the horn is received (and tuned up if appropriate).

Thank you also for the info shared throughout the various discussion threads and picture gallery. Truly a wealth of information. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (or more in this case).

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Apr 7th 10:27 PM
Silver SML for sale at ebay number #303519280
User ID: 9481773
Apr 10th 11:10 PM
The Silver alto 13XXX changed number at ebay
New number #306079447
User ID: 0763414
Apr 27th 5:14 AM
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