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User ID: 9308123
Apr 1st 12:56 PM
I was recently told of the existance of a Coleman Hawkins model of an SML Tenor. Do any of you know of such a beast? I have a chance to buy it but I've yet to see it or even hear of it before this. Any info is greatly appreciated.
User ID: 8583623
Jun 17th 4:45 PM
I play an alto Coleman Hawkins SML. Sounds warm wooden sound.
User ID: 2665034
Jun 21st 10:04 PM
(Odd handle ... has a nice ring, tho.)
I'm extremely interested in cataloging all models of SML. If you have pics, please sen 'em to me. If not, what's the serial number? Engraving? Rolled tone holes? Anything else you can think of?

It'll be much appreciated!