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User ID: 9308123
Mar 27th 9:04 PM
I'm looking to by a new horn. I would like to check out a Gold Medal SMT alto, tenor or bari. I'm a music student, so I do know how to use a horn, and also know that I need a new one. If any of you out there have on please let me know, I'd love to ceck it out. Thanks.
User ID: 9530533
Mar 27th 9:19 PM
I hope you mean "new to you" because SML hasn't made saxophones for quite a bit.

There are a couple of sopranos, altos, tenors and baris (I'm including King Marigaux horns here) at There's a nice tenor and soprano on right now. has a couple of horns that have been advertised for the better part of a year. has a splendid looking older alto. still has a nice Gold Medal tenor.

Hope this helps!
User ID: 9308123
Mar 27th 11:00 PM
Saxpics, thanks for the info. And yes, I ment new to me. the only problem was the site, it's all in German. If you get any other ideas or have one yourself please keep me posted
User ID: 1599514
Mar 28th 7:42 PM
I have a Gold Medal Alto for sale. Mail me at You can check out the thread at the Marketplace or the adverts that I've placed here as well.