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User ID: 0826264
Mar 20th 10:28 PM
WANTED: SML Tenor. Please forward serial#, Finish (Original?), features (rolled Tone holes, etc..) and price of any available horns.
User ID: 0826264
Mar 20th 10:29 PM
MY Email is :
Doug Mar 22nd 1:05 PM
You could check out Ebay Item #288358337

Of course, buyer beware w/ Ebay stuff. Full path:
User ID: 9781133
Mar 23rd 7:34 AM
There is one at saxophone

for $2495
User ID: 0826264
Mar 24th 4:44 PM
Thanks for the help ! This is by far one of the most interesting discussion forums I have seen.
Steve Goodson
User ID: 9308123
Mar 25th 8:04 AM
Just got a nice one on a trade in. It's gold plated (about 50% of the gold remaining, silver showing through on the rest), dent and ding free, keywork is very tight. Rolled tone holes, adjusting screws etc. I'm repadding it with Prestini super premium pads and Noyek resonators.
It should be up and running by the end of next week. $2300 + shipping.
User ID: 0952054
Mar 25th 5:37 PM
Hey, Steve -- what's the serial number?

There's a nice 20xxx tenor at, too.

There have been a couple SML's and Marigaux horns at

Gee, I wish I had more cash ...