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Tascar Williams
User ID: 9990163
Mar 19th 3:52 PM
I used to own a music store. One day a lady walked in a said she wanted to sell some musical instruments. She said her father was known as the "Benny Goodman" of Poland and was playing at the New York Worlds Fair in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland. They remained in the U.S. and he worked at a piano factory making troop carrier gliders. One of the horns was a SML tenor in a beat up wooden case. Played as good as my Mark IV. The serial # is 144-146 5 oul. Delavillette.
What do I have?
User ID: 0178794
Mar 20th 7:46 AM
The ser# you posted is the street#. The serial is (should be) underneath the thumbhook. Check it out.
Is there any other insigna on the bell?
Tascar Willoams
User ID: 9990163
Mar 24th 1:14 PM
My mistake ! Serial # is either 9707 or 9202. It looks like leaves are the design around the bell and on down the crook
User ID: 9523443
Mar 25th 2:22 AM
Tascar -
According to Fred Cicceti's charts, your horn should date from somewhere in the early 1950's. The Vintage Sax Gallery has some wonderful pics and could give you some more info... he indicates a model change between 92xx & 97xx, so this may help give you even more info. How does the horn play?
Tascar Williams
User ID: 9990163
Mar 25th 4:02 PM
Great!Unfortunatly, I sent it to a repairman to iron out some dents and repadmand he did a complete overhaul and polished and relacquered it. Made me sick!!