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Mar 16th 7:30 AM
I have a SML Gold Medal Alto for sale. Serial No. 16XXX.. It has 95% lacquer remaining. The horn was overhauled about 7 months back and it plays very well. It comes with the original tan hardcase. The action is very smooth, and has a very nice big sound. It has never been relacquered and it has very lovely baroque style engraving. I'm selling the horn, (my first), as I'm moving onto playing the Tenor, and I don't play alto much these days. I am therefore raising cash to pay for my tenor purchase. Please email me at I have pictures as well, so if you're interested, let me know.
User ID: 8805943
Mar 18th 3:42 PM

let me know what price range the horn is in.
i am potentially interested.
any damage? when was it last re-padded?

User ID: 9481773
Apr 7th 10:29 PM
Silver 13XXX model for sale at ebay number #303519280
User ID: 9481773
Apr 10th 11:09 PM
The Silver alto 13XXX changed number at ebay
New number #306079447
User ID: 0763414
Apr 27th 5:16 AM
Steve got it. He will enjoy it........