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Steve P.
User ID: 0651814
Mar 7th 7:40 PM
Hey, i have a sml paris tenor serial # 2XXX. 97% GOLD PLATE. ROLLED TONE WHOLES. original case.

Any idea of worth, or year of production? It is really Very close to mint, and a screamer of a sax. LOVE IT!

User ID: 9948493
Mar 8th 8:09 PM
Ya got pics, my man? I'd be estatic about posting 'em!

Are you sure the serial number isn't 20,xxx? I was unaware that the early SML's had rolled tone holes. If your horn IS 2xxx, I've gotta update the model list again ...

These tenors are fairly rare, although one of the contributors to these threads did sell a silver tenor, s/n 28xx a while back.

The serial number dates the horn someplace around 1937. The value of the horn is going to be very high, possibly around $3000 or even higher (due mostly to rarity). It's going to be higher if the serial number is 20,xxx -- those are better playing horns.

Please gimme a yell!
User ID: 0651814
Mar 9th 4:38 PM
Im Positive its 2xxx, and low at that. I beg to differ on playability. It playes better than any of the 50 mark VI's iv played, and my sx90r tenor. It is an absolut SCREAMER!!! wow... just thinking about it makes me wanna play.
Ill see about some pics...
saxpics Mar 9th 11:11 PM
Have you played the newer SML's? I haven't, but I've seen the keywork and it's a lot cleaner and more efficient than the ones of your era. They also have a bigger bore, bigger bell, adjustment screws, etc. (22 features in all [Thanks, Fred]) -- but, hey. I don't have one, you do.

Anxiously awaiting the pics!

Steve p
User ID: 0651814
Mar 10th 5:36 PM
do you mean to tell me the sax i have is a newer one? Cause i ensure you it is not. It has all the "old" keywork. The bell keys are on the left side, and the low C#, B Bb key area is the old on the old selmers (radio inproved) and conns...
This is a great horn though

User ID: 1188554
Mar 11th 8:37 AM
I'm following very interested your discussion. Take a look at my tenor (#2814, the one on top of Saxpics' wonderful page (thanks again, Saxpics!)). Compare the keywork and tell me if it looks the same. Maybe we can figure out some differences. My tenor has straight tone holes. Of course the low tone holes are on the left side of the bell.
I am particularly interested how the right hand palm keys look like. I have seen a tenor in Paris (#34xx) which already had the bell-keys on the right side, and different palm- and octave key mechanisms (straight tone holes also).
Enjoy your horn.
saxpics Mar 12th 10:58 AM
Steve P:
You also might want to check out my 'site: 2xxx is a very early horn (as mentioned above, it was made about 1937 or so). The newer SML's are vey different and are more Buffet-like in their key layout, and more Conn-like in their bodies. That your horn has rolled tone holes is very interesting (to me, at least :)

I am also interested in the similarities and differences that your horn has to Rick's. I've been made de facto "keeper of the SML model list" and I want it to be as accurate as possible.

Gimme a yell!
User ID: 0596854
Mar 15th 4:40 PM
Hi PJT and Steve
Here's a piece of news confirming Steves informations:
Today I have seen a (not yet playable though)silver SML alto, ser# 2355 with rolled tone holes. It has the bell-keys on the left side, it has the stars of David on the SML logo and it has on the bell the (french)insigna "MODÈLE STANDARD".
It is not for sale.
PJT, does this information enrich your model list, or does it turn it upside down?
User ID: 1014104
Mar 16th 6:22 PM
Rick, you always give me work to do.

The answer is: I don't think it turns my model list upside down -- this time -- I think it enriches it. Lemme explain:

I've seen 5 or 6 different models that were put forth in the first 10 or 15 years of SML manufacture -- and that's of 5 or 6 horns. Plus, I've got another late "Rev A" horn that has yet ANOTHER model name.

I'm of the opinion that for each year that SML produced a horn, up until the Super, that they gave a different model name to the horn. HOWEVER, they were similar enough to be grouped into one "revision." They all do have minor changes, tho: longer C/Eb keys, different engraving, possibly different bore sizes.

I am happy that ya'll have uncovered early horns with rolled tone holes. I will include this info on my next update (say, Sunday or so. I've got other stuff I'm working on, too).

Hey, Rick, please send some pics, if you can!

Thanks, folks!