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Harri R.
User ID: 9816503
Mar 7th 7:03 PM
many moons ago, RickM and Fred Cicetti urged me to displaying SML pictures, which they kindly provided, on "Sax on the Web". I managed to procrastinate, and meanwhile some of these pictures by RickM are on display on saxpic's site. Here goes anyway:

User ID: 9948493
Mar 8th 8:00 PM
... I'll have pics posted of that SML Super soon. I promise! Gimme a week or so ...


The Vintage Saxophone Gallery - The SML Page
saxpics Mar 9th 11:16 PM
I've got the pics of the Super up, now PLUS two Gold Medal "Two Tones" -- a soprano and an alto.

I think that makes an even 50 horns. Thanks to everyone who's contributed. Please send more!

I've also updated the model chart and reformatted the page a bit for those folks who are less visually challenged than I and surf at 1024x768.

G'night all!